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Comments "Elephant woman"


Hello John,
Love how elephant woman turned out and love your
new work of scorpion woman.
Reminds me a wee bit of some of the x-men
characters. Very cool!
Carol Moore

I love your work. I also love your eyes,
they are mesmorizing.I can't stop looking at them.

Dear John:  
Just wanted to compliment you on your most fascinating drawings - 
they absolutely jump out off the page with they are finished.  
You are truly a talented artist and I know you treasure your gift.  
I write poetry and songs & I can relate to how you must feel when 
you read good feedback.  
Barbara Ann Smith

What a wonderful exhibit that is going to make! 
I can't wait to see the finished picture of the Elephant Woman!

Dear Mr Iohn Baselmans
this is the first time I've heard about you and your look have made a strong impression
on me and your drawns as well!
You are able to draw the things you have in your mind.
Maybe one day I could do something like you.I've time to learn ,I'm only 51.
Congratulations the things you do are really wonderfull!
Kinds regards Gabriella Di Bartolo

Artists Who Teach

John the drawing is AWESOME! I can't wait to see it finished!

Drawing together

This is a great concept John....I can't wait to see how this one
progresses. I really enjoyed the Iguana Man

This is very nice so far, John. I still think of the one that you did of your mother. 
The 2 Pics using different media was awsome. What do you think of my 
latest drawing? Toby

John this looks like it will be a wonderful piece I can't wait to see the
progress. Thanks for sharing it. Vincent

Black Arts

You are very talented!

The Artist Cafe

I love your creativity and the technique is very competent. I enjoy 
the way you think outside the box with this "animorph series". Thank 
you for sharing that drawing with me. I appreciate that. I am looking 
forward to the future drawings in the series.
Sincerely, Timothy

Wow wow wow..... I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.
Do you use a projector to guide you on the details? I heard that's a 
handy tool. Your illustration is so life-like!

Drawing for fun

Your new series is fantastic!  Imaginative and powerful John!  I also 
love your other works as well but this, in my opinion, is talent at 
it's best.  I only wish I could draw, do pen and ink or paint as well 
as this someday!  Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of viewing your 
art!  Just keep em coming John!  :)

I have to agree with Joan. I feel it is a rare and unique experience
to follow the development of the work you create. It is invaluable to
me as a reference and learning experience. You are doing us all a
great favor.
Chao JazKa

Colored pencil artists

Wow, you ARE amazing John.  I feel incredibly privileged to see the process.

I like seeing the progression*Very interesting subject.Is it from 
your imagination,or a photo?
Keep us posted on your development*

As I told you in the other group, your wip is looking awesome and you have
amazing talent! Looking forward to seeing it finished.


Your paintings are magnificent, creative, imaginative, outstanding, awesome!!!! 

name: Lucy Rivera
drawing: Elephant Drawing
comment: Wow! Fantastic job.
note: I am a Designer at Keiser University.
suggestion: Can we keep in touch? I also love sketching.



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