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Comments "Scorpion woman"


Looking really good John! ......... scorpian woman....ouch!..... excellent start 

Holy Cow John those are fantastic!! I love the Scorpion Woman. 
I like things eery and icky with the seemingly innocent trapped together.  
I am deadly afraid of scorpions.  Just thinking of them makes me shudder.  S
corpion Woman made me shudder.  That's a good thing!
Grand Prairie, Tx

Hi John
I really enjoyed looking at the process.  Thank you so much for sharing it.  

Excellent John!!! The details & the clarity really pop out. I like the effect 
of gray & color together in one Pic. 

Awesome!  Your art is always great.  Scorpions,
that sounds interesting... better not scorn her or
you'll really get stung.
And I thought John might end up being the 1000th
post, I guess he avoided it narrowly! Who knows
what the "gift" might have been.... wait a
second.... this is the 1000th post! Aaaaa! ;)

Hello John

> "Scorpion woman" a woman complete in the power of a deadly scorpion.
Deadly..true can be but also don't forget :
SCORPIO is legendary for it's sexual prowess, that is it's FIXED function.
SCORPIO is intense Scorpio is always the dichotomy of Life and Death.
Scorpions have good personality, well-proportioned body, long hands, good
stature, broad face, commanding appearance,Tendency to stoutness, .(oh dear) 
Such persons have a tinge of redness on their faces.
The Scorpion. has control over their senses, They have rational thinking,
hate gossips, and are frank . Cunning but very  true, loyal, faithful and
reliable. They should not work under pressure.They are impulsive,
courageous, hard to influence Oh and did I say SEXY yeah that we are.....and
all the above.
Will be interested in seeing this one sure and make her
Joanne......The Scorpion

Your work is truly incredible John. 
Scorpion woman is a little frightening, but incredible.


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