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Step by step People with another vision (Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan)

A drawing called
"People with another vision"
Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan

Technique: Pen and Ink
Size: 70 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen & Ink
People with another vision

This is the way how the world should see this person.
Source Wikipedia


Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, 4 February 1917  10 August 1980), 
popularly known as Yahya Khan was a four-star general and statesman who served as the third President of Pakistan
 from 1969 until the fall of East-Pakistan as a follow-up to Pakistan's defeat in the war with India in 1971.
Serving with distinction in World War II as a British Indian Army officer, 
Yahya opted for Pakistan in 1947 and held critical command assignments.

After helping to conduct military infiltration against India in the 1965 war, 
Yahya was appointed commander-in-chief of army in 1966 a position he held until the final days of 1971 war. 
Amid political upheaval forced President Ayub Khan to resign in 1969, 
Yahya installed a military government after enforcing the martial law for the second time in Pakistan's history.
After promulgating executive order to disestablishment West-Pakistan, 
he held the country's first nationwide free and fair general elections in 1970, 
which witnessed Awami League led by Mujibur Rahman gaining majority
 in East Pakistan. Under pressured by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 
whose PPP which had won from the four provinces of Pakistan but had far fewer votes, 
Yahya delayed handing over power to Awami League. 
As civil unrest erupted all over East Pakistan, Yahya initiated military operations to quell the rebellion.
With reports of genocide by the Pakistan army and their local collaborators against Bengali civilians. 
During the nine-month-long Bangladesh war for independence, 
members of the Pakistani military and supporting militias killed about 3,000,000people.

Tensions escalated with India, which intervened on the side of the Mukti Bahini insurgency in 1971.
In the resulting Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, 
which lasted less than two weeks, Pakistan surrendered its eastern command, 
with about 93,000 soldiers in East-Pakistan becoming prisoners-of-war. Following the independence of Bangladesh, 
powerful public demonstrations and mass rallies against Yahya in Pakistan forced him to hand over the power to Zulfikar Bhutto 
as well as stepping down from the post of commander-in-chief in disgrace
 Military decorations and honors were stripped from Yahya and he was placed under house arrest for most of the 1970s
With Bhutto's removal in 1977, Yahya was released by provincial administrator Fazle Haq.
 He died in 1980 in Rawalpindi.[8] He is viewed largely negatively by Pakistani historians, 
and is considered among the least successful of the country's leaders.
He is also accused to be inept, womanizer and alcoholic.[10]
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