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Step by step Charlie Chaplin
A drawing called
""Charlie Chaplin"

Size: 40 X50 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 


Charlie Chaplin
(16 April 1889-25 December 1977)
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

an international star with the same appearance as Toon Hermans.

These two people have a lot in common. 
They have the same simplicity and behind the scenes the same perfection, thereby the difficulties they came upon.

Charlie Chaplin was a master on the big screen and he was a perfectionist in his facial expression. 
Many of his movies I have seen and I 'm still fascinated by the work he has done. 
His "silent" films (films without sound) were great.
 You really felt the energy shining from it. 
You can certainly call him a master of the world of energy.

While drawing, the same melancholy as with Toon Hermans came up and he had a very hard life too. 
The lack of understanding about his work but also that nobody understood his messages were difficult to him. 
He was far ahead of his time. 
Unfortunately most of the time one did not understand his messages. 
His recordings about love came right from the heart however his speech as a parody of Adolf Hitler was his absolute top.

What stands out is the following; Chaplin 16 Apr 1889 and Hitler 20 Apr 1889 were born one after another. 
They have, how strange it may sound, many things in common.
 It was frightening how you can lay their lives together as two same blueprints.
 It seemed that the ruler had broken away from the loving man.

When drawing Chaplin the connection with Hitler regularly came out and it was like one soul was feeding two bodies!
Later on I have made a drawing of Hitler where you can read about the connection between him and Chaplin.

The good of Chaplin had sometimes a turnover of demanding himself the impossible during his work. 
It was an interesting journey through the life of this man.

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