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How to get this information
How do I get the information

I want to explain why I recently have the word “Oracle” behind my name.
Oracle (courtesy of Wikipedia)
An oracle ( Greek: . ) Refers primarily to a person or mediator who claims to have prophetic 
gifts and is able to bring a whispered message by a deity or, it refers to the judgment itself. 
The term oracle is thus used both for the manner in counsels
of (one or more) alleged deities, as the place or person where that advice was taken.
This is the earthly definition of that word and I use it now because in the past
 I have tried to describe what is really going on in the world of energy. 
For the world of energy has no secrets or blockages or hidden corners, 
everything what the earthly man is doing or has been busy with, is to figure out. 
And so I come to a part from where I obtain my information and where and how I get passed on the evidences.
All the information I 'm talking about comes from feeling and so do the assigned actions.
- So I'm told what to write and what to quote.
- So I get names which are often a mystery to me.
- So I got incidents to handle where I abruptly got a specified direction, which I have to work to or ask my questions.
- Simply put, I trust what I am getting through as Oracle.
How can I get it?
Everyone knows by now that I draw and that I have many issues put on paper. 
I've also posted some drawings, which have been shown to people 
and have helped them, or that people consequently got a different view of life.
By drawing people I certainly end up in the world of energy and everything is an open book to me. 
When I start, I decide whether I'm in that life (energy) of that person or that 
I cut myself off that energy. That all happens with the approval of that person.
 It does not matter whether he already died because the energy of every person, object, animal or nature persists.
 I can let limited information coming in but also detailed information. 
In some of the drawings I'm discussing here, some shocking things came up. Things that did not come out before.
Again, it does not matter whether a person is deceased, 
purely because death is an earthly understanding and is also a major limitation of human thinking. 
Death does not exist because the energy does not disappear, but continues his goal. 
So I can still ask questions to people who deceased long ago, and I can contact them. 
A golden rule is; The energy determines what to release and the energy brings out the issues.
And rule number one; Those shall not be abused.


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