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Stamps Printing
After designing comes a long process of printing the stamp.
Printing a stamp is not a process like “we making fast a copy”
Printing will be done in a high secured printing shop and high tech printing process.
A building where you walk from one gigantic safe to an other safe where all the machines standing.
I show you on this page the way how a stamp will be printed.


Stamp printing 1


After I make the design the complete design go to the printer he will make the final lay-out.
Everything must be perfect and it’s not allowed mistakes.
Here you see the final design on the computer where the printer makes the “color corrections”.
Color corrections are, that the colors have to be exactly the same has to be as the original drawing.
After printing, the colors must match the original drawing.

Stamp printing 2


When all the corrections are made the whole stamp will be printed on a “positive film” 
with a “lino” or “film plotter”.
These are very precise printers and printing in super fine dots.
Because a full color stamp needs 4 colors we need 4 different films.
Number one is the Yellow film, two the Magenta film the third one is Cyan and the last one Black.
This we call “4 color” process printing.


Stamp printing 3


Now the films are going to the dark room.
Here we do the montage so we can make our “plates”.

Stamp printing 4


The film will be placed on a zinc plate with a photographic sensitivity side 
We expose this plate in a dark room.
Again, we need four different plates to make our stamp.
After washing these plates only the place where ink has to be are darker gray.
This layer is the only place where the ink will be stick on the plates and so it will be printed on the paper.
All the other places are ink resistant. Stamp printing 5 Special paper with gum on the back is standing ready to place it in the printing machine. Stamp printing 6


The zinc plates will now placed on a large press (4 presses connected with each other).
The first plate is the Yellow one, second Magenta, third Cyan last plate Black.

Stamp printing 7


You have to imagine these are 4 gigantic presses who are connected with each other 
and all 4 of them doing separately only ONE color.
After the paper is through the last machine the stamp is for final on paper.
Stamp printing 8


The sheets of printed stamps will be perforated so you can tear them apart.
Small holes will be made with a “punch machine” The sheets of stamps now ready and will be checked on misprinting or other errors.
Then they will be counted and packed for shipping.
This all will be done in a high secured place.
This is in short how a stamp will be printed.
I will show you more about the wonderful job “Printing”
In the future and will explain more about different ways of printing.
I want to thank the Curacaosche Courant in special Mr. P.Elisabeth who took the time
for showing me the process of printing and let me make photographs from the equipment.
For more information about this 191 years old printer shop click here.


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