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Kids Schools 3
WELCOME G. Ch. Pire College, Curacao

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School 9


Name:      Alexandra Wong Swie San,
Age: 10 years

Comment: Great job Alexandra The colors are beautiful and you work on the whole page great! Keep going.
School 10
Name      Daniela Rojas
age: 12 years

Comment: Very good Daniela How more I look to this drawing how more different things I see. I think you like details. Keep going !
School 11
Name      Jamilla Minnaar
Age: 10 years

Comment: Jamilla This is not what you expect if you think from a child Playing with forms is normally something for us older people! But I think you are very far in drawing and You are not afraid in drawing. You like forms and composition GREAT!!


School 12


Name       Larisse Heide
Age: 10 years

Comment: He Larisse You are also somebody who are great in drawing. What is in your mind you put on paper That's what I like in children. We older people are afraid and we think Always"what will be other people thinking of my work" Small tip: Next time try to place the children a little bit more on the paper. Keep going! You do great!
School 13
Name:     Natalia Rojas
Age: 14 years
Comment: Natalia What you here made is great. All these details and the guts to draw firework, great Keep going!
School 14
Name:     Nicole Prince
Age: 10 years
Comment: Nicole This is great! Where you get the idea! Very simple and it has a lot of mood. This is a job well done.
School 15
Name:     Christy Hudson
Age: 9 years
Comment: Christy You are very talented! the colors, composition and working on the whole page beautiful!
School 16
Name:     Janice Conquet
Age: 10 years
Comment: Janice You can see you are not afraid of perspective. It looks like our "traffic park" on Curacao. You did a great job.


School 17


Name:     Kyle Veth
Age: 9 years
Comment: Kyle This one .... This is a perfect drawing! Every thing is in it and you can see you are sitting a lot of time behind your desk to draw Keep going you are very talented!


School 18


Name:     Laura Garcia
Age: 10 years
Comment: He disco girl! You like colors! Great she dance really! Very good.


School 19


Name:     Loreanni Arreaza
Age: 11 years
Comment: He Loreanni I like it! This is a great drawing the birds and fishes you put it real good on paper. Keep going.


School 20


Name:     Letitia Roerhorst
Age: 11 years
Comment: Letitia Your drawing is more than great! Everything is in balance colors and shapes. What I feel here is that you place your heart in it! Letitia keep going in drawing and never let your pencil down.


School 21


Name:     Baruch Overmeer
Age: 11 years
Comment: Hello Baruch This drawing is great. I like that you try to sell flowers at night! Honest this is a great drawing. Keep going.


School 22


Name:     Rudjebiah Martina
Age: 12 years
Comment: He Rudjebiah A drawing with beautiful colors. The composition is good. I like the animals. Good work.


School 23


Name:     Cayle Biegel
Age: 12 years
Comment: Cayle This is nice, the soft colors and you created with a few lines a good drawing.


School 24


Name:     Darren de Haas
Age: 10 years
Comment: Darren What I see here is incredible. 10 years old and you are working with perspective! Unbelievable!! What you did here is exceptional! I want to see more work from you because you are very talented. Keep going with drawing and never give up!


School 25


Name:     Tannous Fayad
Age: 11 years
Comment: He Tannous This is great, sun, sea and a boat! You don't need more in life. The drawing is great, maybe next time spend a little bit more time on drawing water.
School 26
Name:     Robbert de Nobrega Teixeira
Age: 10 years
Comment: Robert Again a exceptional drawing. This in 2 different ways. One the technique; All the circles, Great! Second the composition is very good. He keep going you have great ideas!


Children of the G. Ch. Pire College
You all did a great job! keep going!
You can see that your teacher is working hard with you!


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