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Kids Drawingcourse 2

Drawing Lessons: For you kids ONLY and they are free!

First and most important rule;
Be not afraid! Just start and draw!

Lesson 1


We need not so much.

I think we can start simple with a




HB (normal) and B2 (soft) pencil

Pencils are in different grades
We have B 11 that is one of the softest pencil you can buy
HB is the most common pencil and you find them every where.
H 9 is the hardest pencil



Best is an art block with 50 sheets in it.


Eraser Please buy a normal one as shown her on this page Pencil sharpener (A normal hand sharpener is enough). These are our first "Art tools" and the most important one.
Lesson 2 Holding a pencil Maybe in your eyes a stupid thing! Now let me tell you this most of you holding your pencil WRONG! I show you here the three way of holding a pencil. This is very important because you need to have control over your pencil. It must be the enlargement of your finger. Hand2 Hand3 Hand4
Think about the hand must be comfortable and relaxed.

Practice on of the three ways and try to see your pencil as a "writing" finger.
Later you will see that everything is in your mind, feel or see comes automatically 
out your pencil.
This is the feeling you get.
These first small lesson is the most important one of the complete course!
here showen.

People without hands are able to work with their mouth or feet.
If you really want to draw you will find for sure a way.

Exercise 1

Hold the pencil in one of the three ways and make these line. 

Line1    Strate line 

Line2       Curved line 

Line3  Cross hatching

Practice as much as possible and try to concentrate on the way you hold your pencil.

Be patient and interested in art and go for you commitment!

Lesson 3

Learning to "See"


What see you ask me know I see everything!!
Ok I show you because you don't look around what you see you are allmost blind!

Exercise 1

Close you eyes now and tell the person next to you what is around you.
Like your table and what is on it.
Or what is in your room at this moment.
What kind of color of clothes ware that person or you teacher.
I know for sure you can tell me not much because you didn't see that.

Ok, shocking or not?
No problem we can learn to see 
You children are better in learning to see as adults! Believe me.

Exercise 2

Look to one object in front of you for 2 minutes.
Close your eyes and try to see that object with your eyes closed!
Yes seeing with your eyes closed is possible.
Try it!

If you don't see the first time that object, no problem, do the exercise again.
Open your eyes and after 2 minutes close your eyes again and yes there is
your object!

Do this several times with different objects.

Exercise 3

Now we go to the window and look outside and look good around
After 2 minutes go back to your chair and write down what you see outside.
People (how much) trees, buildings, colors and so on.

Drawing  7

Learn to see is for me something I do now for over 30 years.
Day in day out I try to remember pictures and images.
Its a lesson for life!

Drawing  9

I can you tell you.
   I have a big library in my head and I know what I saw from years ago.
   I know films I saw not by name but by pictures 
   I know places where I have bin ones and know colors I saw.
You can learn that if you want by doing these exercises over and over day in day out.

As your self these questions
What color of dress? how was that street? 

Drawing  8

Think about your commitment you made to your self!

Drawing 8

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