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December 19, 2008
The lady with the scorpion on her head. I was born under the sign of Scorpio, sometimes 
I use the name Selket, the Egyptian Scorpion Goddess as my handle. 
I really like this one. Scorpions are very solitary creatures.

ape man
Incredibily beautiful

July 08, 2008
Adrian Dario Arce Perea
Good drawing

August 18,2008
Mike Puckett
I am blown away....I have been trying to combine pen and ink with watercolor...I have soft
pastels ans was going to try something here recently with them,then I saw your
post/tutorial..Right on time!!!Thanks for showing this!!!

muchas gracias por su generosidad, sus dibujos son realmente transformadores. 

jeanny Netherlands
Hallo John!
Wauw, wat een talent! Super!
Het heeft me tevens doen inzien dat je beter één techniek goed kunt doen dan twintig 
tegenlijk....Dus, ik ga                    verder tekenen met je textieltjes!!
Warme groet, alle goeds voor 2009, jeanny 

joke zwaan Netherlands
heel bijzonder, john!! benieuwd wat je morgen wilt gaan maken/leren, groetjes joke                  

United States of America
Loved your drawings John, I just happened to see your post on Busy Brushes and
simply had to take a look.
Thanks for sharing.
Hennie, originally from The Netherlands. 

spiritoftheresia Netherlands
Hoi John
Kom je even zeggen da tje een leuke website hebt met hele mooie werken
groetjes, liefs Theresia 

klaus Germany
Hi John, just wonderful site, interesting and really to recomend to others...
I wish you a good, prosperous year 2009 and all the best which need an artist like you...

Mary N Canada
So generous and incredible. Thank you.
Mary N 

E. Alex Gerster United States of America
Hello John, I have been collecting your stamps from Netherland Antilles and really enjoy
your artwork and webpage. Best Wishes!                  

Joey United States of America
Your work is amazing. I truly enjoyed viewing it and listening to what it was saying.
My totum is the raven...I saw it once when I was meditating...the raven turned white,
then really left me speechless. Keep up the great work..

Nanci Cook Canada
Hi John: Followed your IPAP email here. I like your work and I am impressed by your 
productivity! Good to meet you...Nanci                  

Kathryn Uster United States of America
Hello John, What a wonderful website for the beginner as well as for others.
I am on the yahoo collage groups and looked through your website. "Being human is
helping each other". So true, and you give that positive feeling with your Children's gallery and 
awards. I loved it! Being a teacher and artist, you hear so much the "I can't's" instead of the 
"I see's" or "I will's". I used to tell my students both adult and kids- "You can if you think you can". 
One just has to 'see'. You hit it right on the head, and I hope many are inspired by your work 
and philosophy. I loved your free lessons too. It will inspire so many, as did your entire 
collection of work. Well done and truly magnificent! Kathryn                  

mimi Shapiro United States of America
your site is super and inspirational!! this is exactly what the world needs!! positive energy!!
keep on drawing and thinking and sharing...your views and vision of a reality! that can take place... 

Nicole Castille United States of America
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful talent with the world. I saw a recent post on 
Artshow_Photo group on Yahoo. Had to come see the new drawings. Very well done !!! 

Karen Totten United States of America
I enjoy the imagery and style of your work. And thank you for sharing it on your very 
enlightening web site!

Consuelo Moros Venezuela
Congratulations. I visited againg your site and find an excellent gallery of your artwork. 
Very well done.
Regards, Consuelo

Albert Sellaman Australia
Keep on keeping on.

tammy Australia
Just the sort of thing one needs to find when looking for inspiration. Cheers! Tammy

LaRae United States of America
I loved your work. I am a beginner. I have fallen in love with charcoal and colored pencil 
is coming along.

jos smeijers Netherlands
ha die john. Lang geleden sinds je handbalde bij SVOG
Ik heb nog steeds een van je eerste schilderijen.
Is geschilderd op board en het is een landschap in blauw en zwart.
Leeft je vader nog ? Zo ja heb je zijn adres ? Andre van Kemenade zou dit graag hebben.
Daar heb ik nog steeds contact mee. Fijn dat het je goed gaat
Jos Smeijers 

Rene Hoogenboom
Nooit geweten dat er zoveel achter de John Baselmans zit die zo af en toe ook zijn mening
laat horen in de Amigoe.
By the way...als expert op het gebied van zonneenergie kan ik je vertellen dat de prijzen
voorlopig niet, naar een voor de normale man, betaalbaar niveau gaan zolang Multinationals
als Shell en BP de eigenaren blijven van de grootste PV-voltage fabrieken blijven !!!
Met vriendelijke groet,
Rene Hoogenboom (St. Maarten) 

Shawnda Van Houtem
How rare is it that I even browse the internet this time of night. I am lucky to have found your
site and am so excited to look through it! I to draw from my soul, charcoal and pencil mostly 
and have come up with some amazing prints that I can not explain. My goal is to learn how
to get to the next step which is to refine and print my art and make dutch birthday calanders
in honor of my late grandmother. Just from reading your homepage it seems like I may just 
get to learning this next step. We will see. Your work is Breathtaking!! "S" 

I am trying to draw 

Francisco Lorenzo
You style is unique and beautiful. I just started painting after more than 30 years 
as a photographer and looking at your work has taught me a lot. 

your art is amazing....I hope to learn more about portraiture.....have been doing them
since I was 12 years old but need to learn color. I will enjoy this sight and visit often! 
I was born in Holland, too!Best Wishes,

Hugh Jass
ni9ce site 

your working style is good.very wealthy informative site.

alter Upford
Nice site! 

Great Site! 

March 6, 2008 
Subject: WOW!!!
John, I am new to the group and just looked at some of your work. Boy
was I impressed! I'm such an amatuer compared to you. I especially
liked The Gate and can tell that you are a spiritual being from your
work, also Iquana Man very cool! Wasit done in oil? You must sell
alot of paitings.

wonderful and curious. I tend to think the tool in the hands of one who is connected to the creative 
fire that births art, as the language generator of the soul and spirit, sometimes more than just the 
one holding it is involved in the process. 

Your work is in fact inspiring. I am learning to draw and am searching for my own
growing place in this world....thanks for the showing!
Laura Sheffield

 20, 2008 
name: evert f.j.
drawing: the PPS concerning the man with the beard and the 
comment: You had my special interest
tip : It is almost a pic. of me, thnx for that.

Love your work - wish you did sell it. 
Kathy Welch 

John stick to the art and not writing articles in the newspaper. 
Im also an animal lover, but u shouldnt make this ur own personal agenda and shouldnt write
about something that u know nothing.

Hummingbird man found myself
Gary Dee [Dec 20, 2007 at 04:18 PM]
Your theme is excellent as well as your art!
bloodjelly [Mar 01, 2008 at 11:21 PM]
Terrific work. I really like the contrast in colors and moods between the different elements. 

Apeman found myself
Gary Dee [Dec 20, 2007 at 04:15 PM]
These are fantastic. I love the detail and you have done this so very well! 

Iguanaman found myself
bloodjelly [Dec 19, 2007 at 07:26 PM]
Fantastic portrait of both creatures and a really interesting piece all around.
Gary Dee [Dec 20, 2007 at 04:21 PM]
A remarkable piece of art. I love your detail! 

Raman found my self
Gary Dee [Dec 20, 2007 at 12:13 AM]
Incredible piece of art!
janee513 [Jan 30, 2008 at 01:39 PM]
Wow, this is the most interesting piece I've seen yet. I love it, so unique. 
You are very talented. 

Snowsheepwoman found my self
Gary Dee [Dec 20, 2007 at 04:23 PM]

Some old comments on different sites

janee513 Jan 30, 2008
Wow, this is the most interesting piece I've seen yet. I love it, so unique. You are very talented. 

caleb_131 Oct 23, 2008
great work 
bloodjelly Mar 01, 2008
Terrific work. I really like the contrast in colors and moods between the different elements. 

Elisabeth Goerigk
A beautiful work !!!!



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