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Karen Hendrickson
Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Beautiful, John, just like the artist.

Rosalie Ferry
Mozilla 	United States of America
Working great John... 

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
John, it's always a pleasure to visit your website. 
There is always something new and beautiful to to see here. 
Keep up the great work.

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
John, the new site is great. I'll be back later to check out more of it.
Love seeing your work.

Firefox not listed
wonderful website and thank you so much for sharing your techniques and 
mastery in such wonderful wip pieces superb

Elisabeth Lopez
Firefox 	Mexico
John, it's wonderful to see how you are progressing. 
Keep going with the good work.

AOL 	United States of America
John, I love your new home page. I'll be back later to view more artwork. 


Amy Lux
Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Your new site looks great, John. Keep up the good work!


Margaret Dent
Internet Explorer 	Canada
your new site is awesome. Very well organized and easy to navigate. 
And your art, as always, is inspirational.
Margaret, your friend from Drawing-Together.


Peter Muzyka
Firefox 	United States of America
Very nicely done work. Your drawings are evocatively imaginative 
and well executed. It was a joy visiting your site.


Ariel Ky
Internet Explorer 	Andorra
Wonderful art! I bow to your talent. 
Thank you for sharing like this. - Ariel 


Internet Explorer 	United States of America
You are truely gifted. thank you for sharing these treasures. 


Melissa Dullemond
Internet Explorer 	Canada
Absolutely beautiful!! I too draw, but have not done so in years. 
Some one at work saw a "doodle" of mine, and I've been asked to do portraits of some people 
that I work for....but in a more cartoon manner. I was looking on the internet for some ideas, 
and came across your site. Your drawings make me really want to sit down and draw again....
and encourage me to want to learn more techniques....
Thank you

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Your work inspiring and awsome.. I salute your spirit...

jossette cijntje
Internet Explorer 	Netherlands
Thanks for giving us such beautiful art.
Thanks for participate so spontaneously in my radio program at Radio Top FM 
(un bista riba komunidat) 


Internet Explorer not listed
I have some mint sets of MACAU stamps (also :
view-cards) to offer for exchange . In
return, I need large size USED or UNUSED single
stamps. (I do not accept c.t.o. stamps. I do not fill
WANT LISTS, and do not supply USED stamps.)

Firefox 	United States of America
Awesome website. Your details are simply amazing...

Internet Explorer 	India
Man, John, you are truly gifted, a child of God! Plus you are disciplined and methodical! 
Pls give me ur opinon of my work...

lala g. cruz
Internet Explorer 	Philippines
it's been a while since i last held my pastels, i lost interest when problems started piling up, 
quite ironic cuz the reason i took up pastel painting was to manage my stress which caused 
my blood pressure to shoot up. i just felt i wasnt improving in my paintings. i thought my
problems were hindering my artistic inclinations & i felt frustrated when i viewed works of 
others which were very good to say the least. your work & lessons on the web gave me the 
boost i needed very badly. now i'm back on my easel. patiently trying out the tips and lessons 
you shared. and i'm surprised at the results, i see impovements in the end resluts of my 
sketches & paintings. thank you so much for your good heart. god bless you!


Internet Explorer 	England
Thank you for sharing your art it is truly amazing. Hope to pop back many times to view your 
wonderful drawings and lessons thank you again Alice 


Internet Explorer 	Brazil
Your drawings are wonderful. Congratulations
I am a designer but not so much as you.
Do I ask you you have some book for sale?
Do one have it is possible you buy him/it in Brazil?
He/she/you would like a lot to learn to draw better. You are a great designer and painter. 
I liked your work too much.
He/she/you excuses me if he/she has some mistake it is that I don't know how to write in 
Therefore I used a translator of the internet. I hope gives for you to understand 
My questionamento. Thank you.
A hug 


Internet Explorer 	United States of America
What an amazing site. I have not finished looking at it but I just have to say how pleased 
and amazed I am to find it.Marsha 


Internet Explorer 	Netherlands
John really beautiful, I've enjoyed your work/art.
Keep on your beautiful work.


Internet Explorer 	Spain
Dag John,
Dat was schrikken, maar goed afgelopen...Zo zie je maar ieder moment in je leven kan je alle 
kanten op gaan!
Gelukkig zijn jullie ongedeerd!! Daar drink ik er dan een op!
Ik heb je beeldhouwwerk bekeken en zie hoe je zo langzamerhand heel mooie objecten maakt. 
Je probeerd volgens mij zo "basic" mogelijk te blijven.
Het laatste werk,in je tuin is geweldig!
Groot en kleurig!!! Ik denk nog vaak terug aan Doesjie Corsau (is dat goed?)
Ik heb een 2e prijs gewonnen met een schilderwedstrijd en mijn schilderijen verkopen aardig...
Wie had dat gedacht!
Voor nu groetjes uit Rota van ons beide. P.S. wij zijn Juli,agustus en de eerste twee weken 
van september "on the road" doei!!


Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Hey John,
nice site. Thought you might like this Bible study on "Angels": abbas_ii/quiz6a.htm

Stan Layman
Internet Explorer 	United States of America
I have been 
trying to view your free anatomy lessons and have been unable 
to do so. According to your site I need to be registered in 
order to get access to these. Where do I need to go to do this. 
I am an unpaid advisor to AR5 which is the art club for Ivy 
Tech Community College in Logansport, IN. So, free is affordable. 
Would it be possible for members of AR5 to get access. Not all 
members are visual artists. Most are merely interested in art. 
We make several field trips a year to the Indianapolis Museum 
of Art and galleries in close proximity. We have several local 
artists that we have visited in their studios. We have had stained 
glass artist Dan pearson give a demonstration for the club. 
We have also had artist Don Kegarice display his art in our 
library and demonstrate wood carving for the club. If you would 
be in the area, we would like to have you visit for a club meeting 
and show your portfolio. Let us know if you can allow us access 
to the free lessons and any interest you may have in our art 

Firefox 	United States of America
Your art is amazingly beautiful! You have so much talent and are an inspiration to me 
and artists all over the world.
I find it truly amazing that you are just as good at drawing close-up animals or people as 
you are at drawing landscapes, and more technical objects.
Exceptional art.... i can't wait to see more :o) 

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Hi John, You are gifted and I can see that you create from your heart and soul. You are truly gifted. 
Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with me.
Life isn't easy and even harder as we grow older. But, just maybe if yours 
or my life was easy we wouldn't be able to give back what we were blessed with. And
by sharing we heal slowly inside and the people who view you 
are also heals. Not in a second but in time.
Artfully, Jean in (Maine) 

denese I Burrell
Internet Explorer 	United States of America


Angela Drysdale
Internet Explorer 	Scotland
Beautiful and inspiring site, John. Keep up your good work and spirits All the Best, Angela 

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
lol.... dude you're a hippy.... but hey you draw really good. 


Firefox 	United States of America
Very inspiring!
I want to learn, I will watch every one of your tutorials.

Stephanie Linares
Internet Explorer United States of America
I admire your work and talent. Very interesting pictures and web site! 

Cecelia Hussein
Internet Explorer United States of America
Thank you for sharing - I am so excited that I came across your website through watercolor 
groups and must spread the word. Thanks again.Cecelia 

Internet Explorer not listed
Beste heer Baselmans,
Masha pabien met uw vermelding in de Wikipedia! Ik ken u eigenlijk alleen van uw brieven in de 
Amigoe en Antilliaans Dagblad, maar toen ik in de krant las dat u opgenomen bent in de 
Wikipedia en de illustraties zag, dacht ik "Ja, volgens mij heb ik ook les gehad uit boekjes 
met uw illustraties"! Zo leer je 35 jaar na dato toch nog iets bij!
Groet, Jeanette 

Internet Explorer United States of America
dear dear john,
what lovely thoughtful, and sensitive soul flowings! God certainly has blessed you with
many gifts, and i'm so glad to have viewed just a few of them. keep on keeping on.
i feel inspired. warmest and fuzziest, jan from delaware

August 16, 2007
name: delia.daly
drawing: W.1.P.1
comment: loved your use of pen and ink


Hi! Congratulations! Your site look nice!

Peter Overman
Internet Explorer 	not listed
John, gefeliciteerd met de vermelding.
Een vracht aan informatie en een leuke inzage in jouw werk.
Peter en Marja 

Safari 	United States of America
What a lovely surprise-especially since I found your site through the IPAP members page.
I will be painting with you in September-in spirit.
Kath Schifano 

Internet Explorer 	Canada
I recently was inspired in sketching a drawing of my own from the soul.. an experience that 
I lived through.. there was evil surounding me.. at the time when I drew my drawing.. 
I wasn't sure what she meant.. but I realized I had drawn my soul in peril but 
was protected my goodness
Thank you for allowing me to visit your site.. It gave me confident with my experience 
in my own soul drawing..
Jasmine god bless :) 

Internet Explorer Belarus
Hi! Congratulations! 
Your site look nice! 

Internet Explorer Brazil
Hi John, fantastic imaginatiom,marvelous work , i admire you, kisses from gislana 

Tim Brookes
Firefox United States of America
Awesome site! 

Johan Schreuder
Firefox Switzerland
Dag neef,
Ik kende je vroegere werk en heb het afgelopen jaar je postzegels per toeval ontdekt. 
Heel erg mooi en origineel.

Jim Johnson
Internet Explorer United States of America
Wonderful Web Site !!
I am looking forward to taking some of your courses, we all need a little help with dawing.

Mason Moss
Internet Explorer United States of America
I really like your website. I am looking forward to posting my art on your site. 
I think what you did with this site is really great for everyone. 
Especially teens!!!

Firefox Argentina
hey!!! john! you already know that, but it's good that someone remember... 
you make amazing stuff!! and 100% hand made, in this times it's hard t find.!!
i belive i would like one of your free gifts, but honestlly i don't want to abuse your kindness....

really grat work!!! congratulations!! 

Janice Crawford
Internet Explorer United States of America
I think you are a one of a kind person.
I live where there is no schools to take art and I will be taking courses from you. 
Thank you for offering them to us.                  

hoi john,na je telefoontje meteen gaan kijken op je site. Nou je hebt de afgelopen jaren
niet echt stilgezeten,is het wel?
We hebben uiteraard nog niet alles gelezen,maar het ziet er errug goed uit.
nou,we mailen nog wel he,groetjes uit het koude kikkerlandje van ons en the kids.
En als je in de buurt bent,de koffie is bruin he!! houdoe frans en annemarie

These are fabulous drawings.
God bless you, I hope to acquire just a portion of your talent.
Pam R. 

Jane McGovern
Thank you for sharing your art process with us. It is a generous thing to do. I, too, like to draw  
with ink and you have inspired me to do more as I have gotten away from it lately. 
Your interest in all things allows me to see other "worlds"... not only the beautiful drawings but 
an inside look at where you've been and what you have observed. Thank you again. 

There are infinit fabolous paintings which take my soul to peace and relaxation.
may God bless u.
may u live long !!!!!!!!

Singular group
What a wonderful tutoral on a very complex techique. Thank you for that John. 
I should think you would do well to teach such technique to aspirering young 
astists as an alternative to the computer age mass blasts. 
That being said, one of the better tutorials on that technique can be found in 
the forum and was well worth the visit.

Raquel Sarangello
Tu arte es muy bueno
Un abrazo desde Argentina

Internet Explorer 	New Zealand
Very interesting, I could use some of it in my business.

Internet Explorer 	United States of America
Very nice work. 

Some old comments on different sites

Gary Dee Dec 19, 2007
Incredible piece of art!

Gary Dee Dec 20, 2007

bloodjelly Dec 19, 2007
Fantastic portrait of both creatures and a really interesting piece all around.
Gary Dee Dec 20, 2007
A remarkable piece of art. I love your detail!
Gary Dee Dec 20, 2007
Your theme is excellent as well as your art!

Gary Dee Dec 20, 2007
These are fantastic. I love the detail and you have done this so very well!
Anonymous Guest
This drawing is made with pen and OI ink in combination with color pencil and soft pastels.

Barbara Keith
Beautiful! What is this done in?

michelle meijs
Your work is extraordinarily brilliant.. thank you for having my name listed on your site
"Through the eyes of John Baselman".. [I'm also a member of extocuracao and just recently
had me artworks at the Mon Art Gallery, Riffort Village. -Michelle Meijs 


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