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14 Jan 2006
Name: shafique farooqi
Web Address:
Comments:It is really wonderfull site keep it up with best wishes

19 Jan 2006
Name: anne liebregts
Web Address:
Comments: Hallo John, Dankzij mijn schoonvader Ton Liebregts heb ik met bewondering naar 
je site kunnen kijken! Wat heb jij veel prachtig werk gemaakt in je leven. Ik zou willen dat ik
les van je kon krijgen.... Vele schilder-groeten, Anne Liebregts-Lemmers (getrouwd met Marc, 
de zoon van Annie en Ton)

22 Jan
Name: Judith M. Gilbert
Comments: You appear to be quite a well-rounded and informative artist. I have been able to 
view some of your work and would very much like to see more. The way I came upon your site is 
I needed to refresh myself with the art of calligraphy. It has been quite a while sense I have done 
any of it and I was asked by a friend if I could write it and if so could I apply it to a type of 
information/photo book for a local organization. I said I would try, so I typed calligraphy into the 
search window and came immediately to your site and proceded to get lost in your many art forms 
and instructions. I think it is so wonderful all the free art instructions you offer. It is nice to see that 
there are people still out in this world who don't require money for their expertise. 
Thank you very much and now I must get back to refreshing my ameteur ability of the fine art of 
calligraphy and I am so sure I will learn a lot from your instructions. Thank you again, Judith

3 Febr
Name: Ngala Odiyo
Comments: Very inspiring. I love your work. This is a graphic desighn student from Kenya, 
Studying in Miramichi, Canada. I am truly instpired.

6 Febr
Name: Sonnia Ramdhani
Comments:Dag John, Wat fijn, zo'n prachtige website! Zo heb ik ook Curacao weer kunnen zien. 
En ook iets van mezelf -- het prachtig werk dat je voor ons hebt gedaan staat in de rubriek 
"Nature 2" (de eerste prent). John, dit werk prijkt  bij ons in de woonkamer boven het orgel in ons 
huis in Leiden. Nogmaals hartelijk dank hiervoor.
Je hebt een moeilijke tijd achter de rug, dat lees ik in jouw curriculum vitae, maar jouw filosofie 
houdt je overeind en je gaat sterk door met je leven. Iedereen zou deze positieve houding als 
voorbeeld moeten gebruiken. Heel veel goeds toegewenst, hartelijke groeten, 
Sonnia Ramdhani en echtgenoot Erwin

2 Mrt
Name: Cindy Mooneyhan
Web Address:
Comments: So far you have a very elagant site and when I seek some more I know that you are 
a very talented persson...God Bless you and for keeping your dreams alive... Cindy

5 Mrt
Name: Renaldo
Web Address:
Comments: Hello I enjoyed viewing your work. I too draw only in pen&ink. Renaldo

8 Mrt
Name: gener
Web Address:
Comments: Very nice site! I learned more techniques!

16 Mrt
Name: Ken Newbury
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, congratulations on your wonderful website and beautiful creations. 
Best wishes, Ken.

17 Mrt
Name: Cynthia Mendez
Comments:I loved the sight it was very creative. How do I go about geting my art work posted 
on your sight as a guest. I am also interested in your art courses. Hopefully you can get  back to 
me and we can work something else. Please let me know when you get a chance.

6 Apr
Name: steve.
Comments: i like this stuff. inspirations is what you gave me.thanks steve.

22 Apr
Name: 'Tunji Akinloye
Comments: Great site... Your arts are very good ones. How do I get intouch with you to 
discuss Arts. Please get intouch.

26 Jun
Name: Paola Trevisan
Web Address:
Comments: Great website! I enjoyed my visit Paola

21 Aug
Name: Maria Henriques
Web Address:
Comments: Hi,I want to thank you for your beautiful award ( wich is in my awards 2006 page )
and to say that it honors me and my website to have such remarkable Award and Art Site linked 
to mine. Thank You very much. I send you my very best wishes of sucess and good luck to all 
your projects. Im also sending my warmest compliments to all the Artists presents in your 
Website All the Best, Maria

29 Aug
Name: Victoria Smith
Web Address:
Comments: I first saw your work on another site,and instantly fell in love with your style of 
drawing. I really like the idea of Animal meeting Humans pictures,as I have longed believed 
that some people do have an affintity with a particular animal,and your insight-full drawings really 
show that.I have bookmarked your page and will be back reguarly to read more.

29 sept
Name: Rosalie Ferry
Comments: John, I have known you for a number of years now and I am always amazed at your 
artwork. You have come such a long way. Is this guestbook new? I am amazed that there are 
not more entries within it. Keep up the great work my friend. You sound happy; and I am glad 
for you.

4 Oct
NAME: Shelly
COMMENTS: Have been admiring your work and insight. Very well done site and a 
portfolio/following to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

NAME: Vincent D. Whitehead
COMMENTS: John your mixed media work is Awesome.  Keep On Creating !

NAME: Greg Joens
COMMENTS: Nice website John!

COUNTRY: Nederland
COMMENTS: John, blijf genieten van het tekenen en je nieuwe huis. 
En veel plezier bij DrawingTogether!

NAME: reddmannn
COUNTRY: Danmark
COMMENTS: Interesting....yeah. Well I'm not new. I'm just silent.

13 Oct

NAME: Ketu'rah D Glore

16 Oct

NAME: Elizabeth Drury
COMMENTS: I am about to view your work. Looking forward to it. I am a painter, using oils. 
I have been teaching off and on for 30 years. always enjoy my fellow painters work. 
We never stop learning. 
When we think we know it all 'we are dead in the water' so to speak. 
Best to you and the future. 
Bo drury

 30 Oct.

DESCRIPTION: I just viewed your web site and am amazed at the number drawings 
and the variety. You get such depth in your colored pencil work. 
Tell me when you use pastel then colored pencil do you spray 
your work first. Love your site. Must have taken you forever 
to set it up. Thanks for sharing.

1 Nov.

NAME: elizabeth nakayama
COMMENTS: love your work!!

NAME: Juliya Kr
DESCRIPTION: Your website is just beautiful! I wish you much success in all 
your endeavours! Thanks the author for this site,has very much liked!

5 Nov.

NAME: Hans Koudenburg
COUNTRY: Spain  (nationality Dutch)
COMMENTS: A  site for my vaforites... And  a (for me) new technic. I like the way you show the
viewer how the paintings are build up. Very instructing. I have been in Curacao 1998-1990 it
is a wonderfull place to work. 
SUGGESTIONS: Sorry no suggestion (yet) But a question. I hope you can help me... I am
looking/surging for a supplyer from "shullerhammer fashion board"
I live in Spain and visit the Netherlands so now and then. Thanks in advance for your reaction.
I love painting and drawing but I am not a proffessional... just hobby! Please  have a look
at my website. Regards Hans Koudenburg.

10 Nov.

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: Fantastic. Is that hard...I just started your pen and ink tutorial...very good information.
Thanks. Got anymore? Like Graphite; or colored pencils?

NAME: Erich Hamm
COUNTRY: New Zealand
COMMENTS: Thank you for sharing your insight and talent, reflected in the soul of your work with
anyone interested.
SUGGESTIONS: Have you ever been in NZ ?

16 Nov.

NAME: mohd aspurani ismail
COUNTRY: kelantan.malaysia
COMMENTS: nice website.congratulation.

20 Nov.

NAME: Hugh Osborne
COUNTRY: United States
COMMENTS: Very nice artwork.  I'm sure I'll visit this site again

25 Nov.

NAME: Alex
COUNTRY: Germany
COMMENTS: Ein Lob an die Homepage, die ist echt super geworden. 
Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei. MFG Alex

NAME: janet 
COMMENTS: YOUR art is amazing and i just wanted to thank you so much for taking the 
time to share your techniques and knowledge i find the WIP pieces fascinating and insightful 

Some old comments on different sites

debbie collier
I love this!! So beautiful!!
Artist Reply: Thank you so much Debbie 
thea walstra
Very beautiful work

Emily Reed
Terrific work! Great!
11:37 PM debbie collier
Beautifully done!!

thea walstra
Brilliant work in every detail

Emily Reed
Wonderful design and overall effect!

Don Pageau
Very nicely done. 



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