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4 Jan
Name: Frank E. Timmers
Comments: Beste John, Ik was vanochtend aan het struinen op het net en kwam je site tegen. 
Ik was onder de indruk van je werk. Het spreekt mij aan, aangezien ik ook soms schilder en ik 
heb 33 jaar op Curacao gewoont. Ik blijf je site in de gaten houden en ooit komen we wel met 
elkaar in contact. Ik ben 20 jaar geleden begonnen als Grafisch ontwerper en zit min of meer nog 
steeds in de grafische sector. Ik hoop desnoods een mailtje van je terug te ontvangen en 
kunnen wij misschien wel verder babbelen. Groetjes Frank Timmers.

Name: seenu
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments:Hello John, I just wanted to tell you that I love all your artwork, and your attitude 
towards life is very inspiring to me. You are a true artist. Best wishes, seenu 

8 Jan
Email: bev-ly#MINDSPRING.COM

14 Jan
Name: Sandi
Comments: Hi John. This is Sandi from the Drawing Group. I wondered how you are holding up 
these days. I hope you are okay and remember we are all thinking of you. You work is amazing. 
I just love looking around your site. I thought if you weren't lurking on the drawing group, 
you might see this here.

24 Jan
Name: Robert Forbes
Web Address:
Comments: Hello there. Great site. One of the best i've seen so far. All your work is fantastic and 
should be trully appreciated. Robert Forbes

26 Jan
Name: kaye mcoustra
Comments: Hi John, thanks for the call today. Thinking of you and the kids - Pauli was the best 
and she did so much good for humanity (human and animal). such a special person and we were
honored to know and love her. alk to you soon, love Jack and Kaye & the kids.

7 Febr
Name: Pat
Comments: Enjoy your work and your thoughts. I am new to sketching; Started in celebration of 
my 50th birthday. Drawing is something I have always wanted to do. I have "lost" the world for
hours on end when I am drawing. I have learned to view and appreciate the world around me, 
in a new refreshing way.

20 Febr
Name: Ken Colebar
Comments: I'm impressed, I like to think of myself having artistic abilty. Your works are trulet 
amazing. Congradulations ! Ken C.

27 Febr
Name: Alison Patterson
Comments: I really like your site. Keep it just like it is.Thanks for the info I got from it. Alison

2 Mrt
Name: betty rood
Comments: Awesome!!!!!!!they are beautiful..i will return ...............thank you,,
you do have a gift,,,betty

3 Mrt
Name: cathy rauch
Comments: I just wanted to say your work is awesome!! I just love your drawings.

5 Mrt
Name: Jill Jeanpierre
Comments: Beautiful work, very soulful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

22 Mrt
Name: Pam Schmidt
Web Address:
Comments: Your work is beautiful...I was just browsing aorund the internet and came accross 
your work. I am very happy i did :-)

25 Mrt
Name: carol
Comments: your art work is so great glad i found your web site

27 Mrt
Name: celino dimitroff
Web Address:
Comments: Very interesting layout. It engulfs the arbitrary definition of art... I would say i like it.

4 Apr
Name: paul
Comments: wonderful work of art. i could only see beauty teeming in your heart and soul, so 
overflowing and so beautiful indee. what a way to celebrate and live life.kudos

7 Apr
Name: Vonnie Kauffman
Comments: I have never in my entire life seen any art work to compare with yours, Sir. 
The breadth and depth of it is marvelously wide and deep, and beautiful. Simple, smooth lines, 
depending on your "canvas" and/or your medium. You must be a modern day Miachealangelo. 
You are certainly leaving the world a better place with every stroke you make. 
Thank you, and Bless your background for the gifts given to you! Vonnie Kauffman

13 Apr
Name: Pat Anderson
Comments: You are very talented, and you do very beautiful work. Your grandfather and father, 
I am sure would be/ is very proud of what you have accomplished. Congraulations, I hope your 
daughter has picked up your talent, so it will not disappear when the good Lord in all His Wisdom, 
calls you Home. Just an Awesome site. Thank you for bringing this to the net.
God Bless you all Pat Anderson

19 Apr
Name: Mina C
Comments: John, I just wanted to tell you that I love all your artwork, and your attitude towards 
life is very inspiring to me. You are very talented, and you do very beautiful work. You are a true 
artist. In God`s love, Mina C. 

20 Apr
Name: Tamara moreno
Comments: I really love your artwork..You are a truely gifted you draw fairy's or 
scifi pics?

23 Apr
Name: Tia
Web Address:
Comments: Just incredable. I am truely blown away. I love that you hae a kids area and awards 
for them as well! What a great gift for so many. There is a passion within each of your works. 
I am honored to have seen them.

25 Apr
Name: Diana Nistler
Comments: Wonderful place to visit. I plan to come back often.

28 Apr
Name: anthea
Comments: A great site full of informative advice especially for a novice like me.

6 May
Name: Peter - NL
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi John, in the days you lived in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, i could not dream of 
the carreer you made yourself in the decades since those days... its a big and nice surprise
seeing your work on the internet. I'm very happy i bought one of your first originals : 
[ black and white ]. Must be worth a fortune today ... :-) Peter from Eindhoven.

13 May
Name: Ric
Web Address:
Comments: Interesting and well constructed site - an asset to art on the internet.

14 May
Name: kirk Mcguire Sculpture
Web Address:
Comments: John, Great works of Art! I too love snakes, scorpions,wild mushrooms, ah heck, 
I love all that's wild! Keep up the great quest... Sculptor Kirk McGuire

21 May
Name: Outdoorbare
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Great website and artwork...Enjoyed my visit...Outdoorbare from the Figure 
Drawing Factory

22 May
Name: lutz
Web Address:
Comments: Hey John, my visit was very interesthing for me and my artwork.I love the realistic 
artwork and i mean you have many many talents.Bye lutz from europa

24 May
Name: viola sagredo
Comments:No comments have been entered.

26 May
Name: Deborah Moreau
Comments: Hey John, I would like to say I am a college student and admire your work. 
You could say that if I get asked what artist I like to be like... I would mention your name. I might
add I cant draw people, but everything else with a bit more  learning I should beable to handle.

7 Jun
Name: Lynn
Web Address:
Comments: I am very impressed with your work and enjoyed my visit to your site. 
The various steps of your work are fun and interesting to see! Thanks for sharing so much! Lynn

9 Jun
Name: Ethlyn F. Hanley
Comments: I am amazed by the fine work. Keep it up. Excellent  art. I will contact you to 
discuss the possibility to make a painting of my family.

14 Jun
Name: Justin de Leon
Email: Not Entered
Comments: i love your work!!! I belive that your work is extremly inspiring and beautiful!! 
Thank you for sharing your talents...good luck, i wish you nothing but happiness and good fortune!!

15 Jun
Name: Sevend Chan
Comments: Your detailed work gave me a strong impact. Your ability to see is a gift. Like you 
I am an artist and I teach art in school. I am able to relate to your two quotations, but how I wish 
I could drive this home to my students. Maybe you may help me by giving me some of your tips 
on how to inject passion into these pupils.

Name: Myrthe
Web Address:
Comments: Naar aanleiding van ons prettige gesprek van gisteren, ben ik toch maar eens op de 
site gaan kijken. Ziet er goed uit!! Geen wonder dat er 70.000 man per week gaan kijken! 
We zullen het zeker blijven volgen. link staat er fantastisch op! Bedankt!! K-Pasa.

Name: Ken
Comments: I'm impressed, I like to think of myself having artistic abilty. Your works are trulet 
amazing. Congradulations ! Ken C.

16 Jun
Comments: SEPU AKA

21 Jun
Name: Lucy
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments: I am an artist and beauty therapist I found your site froma search engine. 
I have to say that your work is amazing you are extremely talented. You can see the personality 
and soul of each person the way you have captured every detail. I absolutely love your work very 
inspirational thank you for sharing your enormous talents with us!!!!

2 Jul
Name: Lynn
Web Address:
Comments: John, Your art work is amazing! i am especially drawn to your graphite and pastel 
drawings of the animals with people. i find a deep connection with these subjects. i was first 
drawn to your site when searching for artists who use graphite/pencil or charcoal mediums. 
that is my favorite medium. i am just beginning artist and excited about my new direction in life. 
your art is very inspiring. Lynn

5 Jul
Name: James
Web Address:
Comments: Enjoyed your visuals.

Name: James
Web Address:
Comments: Had to come back for another look. :)

1 Aug
Name: Steffi
Web Address:
Comments:You have a beautiful site John.I am very impressed about your exzellent artwork! 
Thank you for this great exhibition.I enjoyed my visit. Much, much success.. Steffi

Dear John,
good art work view I very gladly. Further much joke with your work. Should I know each around 
your page? If you want, you write me into my guestbook. 
Does My page is very well visit, okay? If not is therefore okay. It would please remain me very 
with youin connection. I hope understand you my English.Sincerely Steffi 

9 Aug
Name: Judie Burge
Comments: I have visited your site in the past, and enjoy seeing your new works....beautiful, 
as always. Judie 

12 Aug
Name: B.K. Seevers
Web Address:
Comments: Great work!

26 Aug
Name: Kelvin Tan B S
Comments: A very talented artist indeed with a human touch.

12 Sep
Comments: sir, Really after seeing ur art work i was very happy and delighted , iam working as a 
multimedia artist(graphic artist) sir, i want to learn all the basic and advance of this part, i am from
india, i am working in govt. organisation, if u help me to provide this kind of i will be very thankful 
to u thanks sir for this rajesh INDIA

14 Sep
Name: SJJ
Web Address:
Comments: Impressive! I like the way you see your work/site as a concept that can connect, 
educate or even entertain people. Like guest artist. So much more than all the others on the 
internet, who just are busy with themselves. All the best!

5 Oct
Name: Nancy Hayes
Web Address:
Comments: I'm also a member of and saw your 
email. I love the designing of your website, but most of all, I love your work and especially the 
story of how you started your art career! Do you create greeting cards?

Name: Elizabeth Barry
Comments: Just viewed your new stamps and what beautiful work. You should be very proud of 
yourself for this accomplishment. Just think of the millions of people who will get to view this 
beautiful artwork of yours on a daily basis. It is bound to bring joy to them.

Name: charles manus
Comments: lovely site, more comments in email on its way

12 Oct
Name: A. Borsboom
Web Address:
Comments: Een indrukkwekkende site! Misschien moet u eens kijken naar het werk van 
Hans Dillesse, (evt.een link?). succes met de site verder! 

13 Nov
Web Address:

16 Nov
Name: Gudrun
Web Address:
Comments: Great stuff, big and powerful compliment....go on, I love those works, Gudrun


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