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1 Jan
Name: Elsa
Comments: Dear John,I wish your dreams come true. Keep going with your art, your site. 
You are doing a great job and we all preciate that. I know you have a lot more in mind. 
May you have the opportunity to expose your ideas.Wish you happiness.

2 Jan
Name: Doby London
Web Address:
Comments:Hi John I came back to look at some more of your artwork, and this time the 
guestbook was fine. Like I said earlier, I think your artwork is great. I'm going to add a link 
to your site, if you don't mind. Anyway, great work and great site, you have a wonderful 
place here on the web. 

4 Jan
Name: Gus Butcher
Web Address:
Comments: Your new site is fabulous. Have just redone my site  and you are one of my 
first links. Thanks again for your inspiration.Silkgus

6 Jan
Name: Trudy evertsen-Quast
Comments: Ik ben mijn huis aan het zoeken maar kan het nog niet vinden. Ga er even mee door. 
Bon Anja nog! Dat witte ding was de hond van Cindy en Dion!!

7 Jan
Name: DeAnnaKay Swetzig
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I would like to get my son connected with this site. I will talk to him to check interest. 
He is very creative. Are there themes for him to draw on, or just submit his art?

8 Jan
Name: Tan Poh Chuen Stephen
Comments: Hello there, I was aimlessly surfing around and happened to chance upon your 
website. I think its very nice of you to do something this meaningful in your life and I am now 
inspired to do the same!!! At this current stage in my life, I'm currently waiting to be enlisted into
compulsory National Service in the army, and it is in this period that I'm thinking a great deal 
about what my future holds. I must say that you have inspired me with hope for humanity. 
Thanks!!! God Bless!!! More about me:Age: 18 Location: Singapore

11 Jan
Name: flipper
Web Address:
Comments: Bonjour, Excuse me but no speak english. Je viens de découvrir votre site suite à 
votre invitation. J'ai beaucoup apprécié ma visite et l'ensemble de vos oeuvres. Félicitations. 
N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire dans mon annuaire.

14 Jan
Name: Pat
Comments: What beautiful, beautiful work! How I envy your talent.

16 Jan
Name: ne batchelder
Web Address: http://myyahoo
Comments: Thank you for sharing your beautiful perceptions with us. Your dedication from a 
young age may have enhanced your obvious great talent. Beautiful art! I myself could give 100% 
till I die and might end up being able to paint a barn door.:)

17 Jan
Name: Rosemary Meure
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, just enjoying your art. I am encouraging my 8 y.o daughter who also loves 
cats and I will ask her to make an entry to kids corner. My husband is dutch ( Meure) from 
North Haarlem. I found you by gus' silk art page which he advertised on the net. We are in 
Tasmania, Australia adn I have a friend   who I believe is a very talented artist and I will tell him 
about your site and maybe even join your artist group. You have a well presented site which is 
easy to get around and I will need a lot more time to go over it.
Wishing you health and happiness in 2003 Rosemary

22 Jan
Name: Warren Roche
Web Address:
Comments: Hello John from sunny Southern California. It is interesting to see how artists 
approach their subjects in a different way.

23 Jan
Name: Eda Fischer
Comments: Hi, John. Great work and a well put together web site. I am an amatuer artist, 
a minister, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I am in a place in my life now 
where I feel a deep need to start being creative again, so I am checking out crafts, art, everything 

out there to see what inspiration will strike and get the ideas going again. Thanks for putting in 
the time and effort to train your fingers for the work you do. God bless and keep on working. 
From Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the USA. Eda

Name: Bianca Brown
Web Address:
Comments: Good work and site, I enjoyed it and thought I would send a few of the late 
Waylande Gregory sculptures. You sent me an email and asked that the late Waylande 
Gregory join in your list of artist -- I don't know how to get to do this as I read everything and I 
just cold not find where added artists should register?? Bianca Brown

28 Jan
Name: David Gareau
Web Address:
Comments: Hi, just wanted to say I really like your portrait of your mother. I just started drawing 
and still am pretty bad, but I really enjoy it, when I start to draw (I only really like drawing people 
for now) I get in a trance like state it's meditative.But one day I'd like to be able to draw something 
as good as that portrait you did. see ya. david

29 Jan
Name: Henny Klein Klouwenberg
Comments: Nooit geweten John dat jij zulke prachtige tekeningen maakt. Blij dat ik een keer de 
tijd heb genomen om je website te bekijken. Maar je begrijpt dat ik nu een hele mooie schildering
bij het kattenhok verwacht! Schilderze, groeten Henny

31 Jan
Name: Doug Waiter
Web Address:
Comments: Great site! Keep up the good work!

4 Feb
Name: Doug Waiter
Web Address:
Comments: Great site! Keep up the good work!

5 Feb
Name: V Harish Kumar
Comments: Good, real good and interesting. Will be back.

Name: Eduard Reineta
Comments: Dear John, It's such a great pleasure visiting your site. Such a beautiful harmony 
between your artwork you expose and the artwork of children on other artists you give opportunity
to expose. Hopefully one day I'll get over my shyness and send you some of my artwork, but in 
the meantime I'll keep admiring all this artwork on this site.
Keep up with the good work Regards, Eduard

7 Feb
Name: Blanche Trichler
Web Address:
Comments: Congratulations for your work and thank you!<

10 Febr
Name: mariejeane
Comments: Hello John, I just saw your new website. I love it.It very nice all the pictures in the 
circles. You always do a very beautiful work here, very professional too. Mariejeane.

11 Feb
Name: Gerard van der Gilst
Comments: Prachtige foto's en plaatjes !

13 Feb
Name: Wally
Web Address:
Comments: John.......You certainly offer more than just "candy for the brain". I shall return when 
I have more time and can peruse what appears to be a most interesting site. This "starving artist" 
leaves with great anticipation of truly seeing how the "pros" do it. The "spirit" brought me here 
and my soul will bring me back. Wally

Name: Charlotte Schreuder
Comments: Haai achterneef !! ik ben Charlotte, de dochter van Stef Schreuder, aangenaam.... 
echt mooie schilderijen en pentekeningen.ik bewonder ze enorm. 
ik krijg ook teken-les op school ik heb net een en profil geleerd !! maar ik ben lang niet zo goed 
als U/jij !! Veel Groeten uit dat koude landje 'Nederland'.
houdoe !! Groetjes van Charlotte en Opa Schreuder (die zit naast me)

14 Feb
Name: Sreeni
Comments: Hi John, here is sreeni. this is gr8 work u have done..keep it up..iam also planning 
to make a site as soon as i get some time to invest on. nice to meet u. sreeni

15 Feb
Name: Darlene
Comments: Your work and vision are very interesting. I too work in pen & ink and coloured 
pencils but I never thought of combining the two mediums. Yet another technique to try out!

Name: Wally
Web Address:
Comments: My third visit in as many days. A guest artist "wanna be" and lo and behold I already 
am!!! John, you are not only're fast!!! Many thanks for the most generous 
opportunity. I joined the chatroom groups and hope to spend some time there soon. Refered your 
wonderful site to some of my friends and gallery owners, so I'm sure more friendly folks from 
Kentucky will be knocking at your door soon. Really am enjoying myself exploring your site and 
checking out all the links. Be back soon...... Wally

23 Feb
Name: Thomas J
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Great site! 

24 Feb
Name: J. Alex Zegouvia
Comments: Terrific website...simple and it doesn't take away from the art. Alot of beautiful 
works...favourite link to page about "Old Master." It tells that this artist is genuine!

27 Feb
Name: Esther
Web Address:
Comments: I think you are a fantastic artist, and I really love the Iguana Man. How did you 
manage not to get Pastels on the pen and ink part of your drawing ? Thank you for shareing your
work with me. Regards Esther

1 Mrt
Name: Vitold Barhatkov
Web Address:
Comments: Hello John! Your Website is the best! Russian Artists has bin Thank You a Lot for. 
Welcome at any Time to: Russian Impressionist Art.Questions 

2 Mrt
Name: Artmare
Web Address:
Comments: Hi,John I have been looking at some of your artwork,you are a "GREAT ARTIST ",
I just love your work, I haven't seen it all yet, but I will be back soon.I am a self taught artist and 
I have a website at Would love some comments,hope 
you will visit soon. Regards Artmare

3 Mrt
Name: soheila
Comments:hello mr.baselmans Your idea and works are very beutiful and I was very glad 
saw them

Name: Nancy Q. Grim
Comments: Mr. Baselman - John: I have been to your site several times, have really enjoyed 
seeing your step-by-step process on Iguana Man and now the Elephant Woman. Both of those 
are extraordinary, as are many of your other pieces. Your use of  pen & ink and pastel together is 
fascinating. I'll be back! Nancy G. P.S. Your website is terrific!!

6 Mrt
Name: cutin conner
Comments: I enjoyed your work and your site.

8 Mrt
Name: Coreen R. Hay
Web Address:
Comments: John~ What a wonderful site, Awsome work and a delight to see

25 Mrt
Name: Machiel Kneppers
Email: Haagsman.Kneppers
Comments: Dear John, This mail from Machiel, husband of Carmen Haagsman. We liked very 
much the opportunity to have a view at the pictures from the birthday of Wim Wauben. 
Now we had also a litlle part on this event... Best regards Machiel Kneppers

31 Mrt
Name: betsy collins downs
Web Address:
Comments: you have a great site. you also do great drawings. i think its neat that you have 
guest artist's, i really enjoy looking at others art work. am going to bookmark your site so i can 
keep looking. thanks

2 Apr
Name: Kay
Web Address:
Comments: i luv this site the drawings are great

4 Apr
Name: Rose
Web Address:
Comments: I looked at your new drawings, very nice! Rose

24 Apr
Name: Judi
Comments: You indeed have an ancient soul. It is very refreshing to see such talent and 
understanding of that talent of someone so young. Your work is something I did not expect to see. 
Very beautiful and done by an extremely gifted artist.

25 Apr
Name: Julia
Comments: I am not very good on drawing also painting, but I do love drawing and painting, 
I also sometimes drawing and painting.  I see your work.
Its really nice work, beautiful, special about Elephant women and drwaing of scorpion women. 
you are really have great tallent. and Ia m very enjoyed watching your work every detail about
the objek. really nice drawing. Cheer Julia

Name: J.Baldini
Web Address:
Comments: came here from the outdoor watercolor painting group. We have a world wide 
group of artists at International Plein Air Painters. Please check out our site.

4 May
Name: ray servin
comments: Dear John, I think your work is fantastic. I do some drawing but nothing near to 
what you do. I love postage stamps I've been collecting them for more than 25 years. 
Also I know the procces of printing stamps I'm a printer myself currently I operate a ten color 
Aqua Flex press, 25 inches wide most of our jobs are procces printing on paper and on film. 
I raelly enjoy looking at your work. 

6 May
Comments: John just wanted to say that your art in really beautiful and so much talent. 
I am happy to see that you joined the CC hope you enjoy it there as much as I do. 
Very talented people on this group. Hope to one day receive a card from you. Romaine

16 May
Name: Roxy
Web Address:
Comments: Hello John! What a fabulous site. Thank you for the opportunity to view it. 
Very talented group of minds displayed. I will be in touch with you in the future. Best of luck! 
-Roxy Beckman 

23 May
Name: Nathaniel Belin
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I very much like you web and also enjoy taking 
up your drawing lessons, Thanks Again Very Much ! --- CARTOONIST: Nat Belin

Name: jan Stubbs
Comments: Very intresting work keep it up 

24 May
Name: Marie
Web Address:
Comments:Hi, dropped by from "Colartgroup". I've only got one thing to say about "Snowsheep 
Woman": It's magnificent...The flow of the lines...simlpy magnifique!

Name: alan cayton
Web Address:
Comments: You have a really great web site and I enjoyed my visit. I got an email from you about 
being a geust artist and I sent some pics in the reply. Sharing art is a very important aspect of 
people's lives. Keep up the good work. Alan

Name: Barbara Henson
Web Address:
comments: What a web site! I've never seen a site that is so inclusive of the whole art world. 
You do wonderful work;you teach; you include other artists; you provide links to galleries;
most of all you create a warm welcoming world of art. It must have taken ages to gather the 
material and maintain it. Thank you so much for sharing your soul.

25 May
Name: Katia
Web Address:
Comments: Hello, John ! It's with great pleasure that I sign your guestbook just to tell you that 
your site is wonderful.You are a very talented artist and a I wish you all the best for the future. 

26 May
Name: Jane Wittes
Comments: Great

27 May
Name: Pat Chapin
Web Address:
Comments: Beautiful drawings, although I'm partial to your animals -- blink an eye and they 
almost seem to move! patch

30 May
Name: Jonathan Burnett
Web Address:
Comments: Hey John, nice work

2 Jun
Name: Ellie
Comments: Awesome! My first visit and I love your work, Oh to be able to do this myself,
I love it and I'll be back soon.

3 Jun
Name: Audrey Whiddon
Comments: Perfection!I envy.I try. 

13 Jun
Name: Sonja
Web Address:
Comments: John, you are an incredible, extraordinary artist! I truly enjoyed your website and 
especially found your work  in progress links completely outstanding!!!! Thank you for sharing
your artwork with the world... and thank you for helping other artists get more exposure as well. 
I will take you up on your invitation to showcase my work on your site and will send you an email 
- seperate from my guest book comment :) Thank you again!!!!

16 Jun
Name: Lenny Tatara
Web Address:
Comments: John, you are a world class artist. Thank you for being who you are. 
You are a true shining star in the art world. Lenny Tatara

17 Jun
Name: Nadine Maude Soucy
Web Address:
Comments: Hello, I sincerly think you're a great artist , huge talent, your drawings are very 
beautiful. keep it up !

18 Jun
Name: Gayle P. Hartman-Weatherford
Web Address:

19 Jun
Name: nico
Email: Not Entered
Comments: You're technical skill is precise, but I see no creativity in your work.

Name: Susan Chambless
Web Address:
Comments: Heard about you on a painter list. I very much enjoyed looking around. 
You have a great site!

21 Jun
Name: lesley
Comments: I enjoyed your work very much, and appreciate your generosity by sharing your skill, 
talent and knowledge thankyou lesley

24 Jun
Name: BabyGurl
Web Address:
Comments:i love your poetry i wish mine were this good!!!=)

Name: Frans Verbakel
Comments: Veel van je gehoord van je vader.Ik heb lang niet alles bekeken maar wel van je 
werk genoten.Speciaal toch wel de tekening van je moeder.

Name: Danny Deavers
Web Address:
Comments: I like your site it,s awesome.Your course's are great.I will be looking at tham a 
lote Thank you Danny

Name: Alysa F.
Comments: Hi.I'm a great drawer but I am not a artist , but i am really hoping that once i get 
bigger i could be a artist!!  Alysa F.

27 Jun
Name: marnix
Web Address:
Comments: hello , its amazing how technical good your work is , its a shame there are no ideas , 
no creative mind , a good idea , combined with your technical talent would be giving fireworks ! 
passion ! where is the passion or emotion ? 

28 Jun
Name: christina
Comments: i really liked ur drawings. i think they are amazing and ur very inspiring about giving 
it your 100 percent.

2 Jul
Name: efi
Comments: amazing and beautiful works and site

10 Jul
Name: Cynthia Houppert
Web Address:
Comments: I believe that you have achieved the epitomy of art in "Scorpion". Your use of 
composition, color manipulation, and thought-provoking qualities makes me wonder why you 
aren't  in the Whitney.

15 Jul
Name: Brian Holthouse
Comments: What a talent.. what beauty. Great work.. Great job. Thanks for sharing your world 
with us. Brian H.

17 Jul
Name: Christa- Maria
Comments: Thank you for sharing the rich history of your work. Inspiring and a gift to my soul.C-M

19 Jul
Name: Dan Civa
Web Address:
Reference: A Link from Another Site

Dear John.
First of all, my deep respect for your great art works which I enjoy to visit in your excellent 
web-site. Probably I visit about 100 sites every month and haven´t met any site with such great 
service like yours. For that I like to express my appreciation for your friendly and personal 
editorshíp with thanks for the support. Wishing you good luck for the future and peace 
through meaningful art. Dan Civa, Danish Painter

25 Jul
Name: kristi Moe
Web Address:
Comments:Hey I love your work! Keep up the good job! Kristi

28 Jul
Name: Tina
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I was in AAW at your beautiful work. Words could not express the way I felt. 
You are so very talented. I think I looked nearly through all your pages and was very inspired.
I hope to some day be as good as you.

29 Jul
Name: Denise Hendrikx
Comments: Hi John, Thanks for putting the link to your group and site in your 
colartgroupmessage, so I had the chance to take a peek at both.... and join both lists as well. 
I must say there's so much diversion in your art ... Denise,Belgium

Name: Lois
Comments: John your work is so wonderful. I started to draw once and I never took the time to 
practice. I was learning about "seeing"... your work is inspirational. Maybe I will try to see things 
again. If only I could see them as you do. What a dream that would be. Thank you. Lois. 

3 Aug
Name: Deborah
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Your work is an inspiration to me. Thank You, Deborah

5 Aug
Name: Diane Skowron Khaw
Comments: Clicked on the Arterratica link you sent us - Wow, I like your work and your thought. 
thank you for sharing - look forward You inspire me to be better and better. Thank you. Di 

13 Aug
Name: Lorena
Web Address:
Comments: your web site and your works are very great!!! Lorena form Italy

15 Aug
Name: Patrou
Web Address:
Comments: Great artist man, I like the way you draw faces.

9 Sep
Name: Randy Waggoner
Web Address:
Comments: I am very impressed. Wonderful work.

Name: April
Web Address:
Comments: Very nice work John! I'm currently trying to establish my own and poetry, and I am 
currently still working on the site contained here. Very impressive work. If you have any insight 
for me, please feel free to contact me anytime at my e-mail address! - April

24 Sep
Name: Lorraine Gallagher
Comments: I truly loved your website. You have truly blessed me with the love you show in 
your art, love learned through the lessons you have learned and expressed so beautifully. 
You are a treasure!\\p.s. I never sign guestbooks in all the years I have been surfing art galleries 
etc...Yours is the first.. just Thought I'd let you know how truly special your site was to me. 
Thank you

29 Sept
Name: jan rose
Comments: You have a beautiful and gentle style. I love how you portray animals. jan rose

22 Oct
Name: Gillian Heaton
Web Address:
Comments: What a wonderful website filled with beautiful work, discovered through 
I've really enjoyed my visit and I'm off to rate it 10/10. Wishing you all the best from England.

6 Nov
Name: L-sa Lopez
Comments: Dear John, your new frontpage is terrific, the more like you as a disgner. It's a great 
pleasure to see your work, please go on. L-sa

11 Nov
Name: janaalt
Web Address:
Comments: hallo John, prachtige site. heb in 1972 9 maanden op Curacao doorgebracht en ben 
toen waarschijnlijk voor de rest  van m'n leven verpest vwb het weer en daarom maar naar 
Johannesburg verhuisd. Groeten, Jan

Name: Barbara Reid
Web Address: http://www.youonthenet/orphansnangels
Comments: John, Enjoyed looking at your work.Always like to view other artists pieces.I am a 
doll artist, sculptor from Canada. Best Wishes and God bless

19 Nov
Name: Daniel M Lynch
Comments: Love how organized your site is.....I have just been drawing three months....I took it 
up after a critical nervous I am learning to go slow and "see" whats around me....
artists like you inspire me....Thanks for having such a nice page....and sharing your gifts 
with others.....

20 Nov
Name: Detlef
Web Address:
Comments: Today I was here and I send many greetings from Germany                    .

24 Nov
Name: becca
Comments: I have always been interested in drawing and painting since a young age, however, 
I have not had the time to put into it where I might be able to create something that I would 
actually give to someone or hang up in my own home. I have looked through your gallery and it 
is simply wonderful. becca

26 Nov
Name: Virginia Barker
Comments:Hi John, I didn't have any problem with getting in to sign your guest book this time. 
Again, your art is wonderful, amazing and I have become one of your fans. Sincerely, Virginia

11 Dec
Name: M.E.Whitehill
Web Address:
Comments: I could spend hours exploring all the wonderful things on your Web Site. 
I am a great believer in Lots of Links and think you are very generous to give so much 
space to other artists.                  

Name: P. Mrazik
Comments: I belong to a mailing list called "Busy Brushes". It was here that I read your 
posted message. From there I visited your site. Wow! I love your site! I like how you show 
progress (step-by-step process) of your work! I have been painting for about 10 years for pleasure 
and occassional profit. What I enjoyed most about your site is the encouragement and help you 
offer  to the budding artists (Kids)! I have a 14 year old son who has been drawing since he could 
hold a pencil. He especially likes to draw animation. I try to encourage him to continue drawing and 
to try new things related to his interests. He is going to love your site! Thank-you for a lovely 
inspiring site!   Regards, P. Mrazik

Name: Alex
Web Address:
Comments: Wonderful site. I like how there is an eclectic blend of things here. I especially like 
the pages showing how you complete a picture piece by piece. I'm in love with your Scorpion 
woman  and Iguana man. I also love the prints of the Native Americans. The one looking left 
with the large headdress really captured the essence of him to me. Though it's not 
really clear  (that is, compared to your other prints of human faces such as the ape man) you 
can tell he's serious and there's such emotion on his face. I'm looking forward to going through 
this site even more. 

18 Dec
Name: D. Mrazik
Comments: My mom told me all about the site and I decided to check it out. Your artwork is 
magnificent! It is way better than what I can do right now. I'am truly inspired to get better from your 
step by step lessons! One day, I hope to be as sucsessful as you are.Thank you! P.S.I plan to 
submit one of my best drawings to the C section(11/16).

20 Dec
Name: Marie-Jeanne Piret
Comments: Hi! John (old man) , congradulation for your new website.It's really wonderful and 
well organized . I am proud to have a friend like you who help a lot of peoples to find their way in 
drawing. Continue your special mission on this world to help in other. 

24 Dec
Name: Marie Accomando
comments: Beautiful work very moving love it


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