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9 Jan
Name: Tom Lorimer
Web Address:
Comments:Hi John,Just checking the links on my webring... Love your website... Excellent 
drawings, especially loved the little boy (Sunray) in the straw hat!!Good luck!! Tom

Name: Mindy Wilson
Comments: You have a wonderful talent.Very beautiful... Soon, look for my children's story In 
A Parrot's Shoes at thank you Mindy Wilson

11 Jan
Name: SeaAnna
Comments: Hi, saw your site from the messages in the club. It is wonderful! I am downloading 
the free introduction now! I am looking forward to trying it. SeaAnna Short

12 Jan
Name: marquis de Panasewicz
Web Address:
Comments: VERY Nice work; your site also; is designed VERY professionally and unique; 
Please take a look at my site also; Thank you, 
the Marquis de Panasewicz

Name: Jim Nasium
Web Address:
Comments:Hi John I saw that you mentioned your site on The Art 
so I thought I'd stop by and take a look at your work, and your site, and I gott's tell you I am 
impressed with both...  In the art forum you asked for links to other art web sites so I thought 
I'd paste mine here... My GymArt:

16 Jan
Name: Cissy
Comments: John, I love all your work, Your stamps are simply breathtaking, as are your photos
of Curacao. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a site so much! Cissy

17 Jan
Name: William Ground
Web Address:
Comments: Mr. Baselman, You are very talented! I really enjoyed your pen and ink work, as this 
is probably my favorite drawing media. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
Regards, William D. Ground

2 Febr
Name: Gayle Hartman
Web Address:
Comments: Your work is very beautiful!!!Your renderings of people,animals,flowers and ect. 
shows  you have great control of the medium your using.I appreciate seeing your wonderful 

8 Febr
Name: Hetty Frederik
Comments: Beautiful pictures, but I'm sure I cannot afford them. Much success in your career. 
Hetty Frederik

19 Febr
Name: Jo
Web Address:
Comments: I found your site so interesting! What a lot you have to offer and I love how 
meticulous your drawings are. Good luck,  Jo

9 Mrt
Name: Carol Holley
Comments: Wonderful site I can see why my daughter Noel Holley-Bell  has such praise 
for your work

14 Mrt
Name: Angel Keeper aka Carol
Web Address:
Comments: Thank you for signing my guestbook and leading me back to your pages... OH My 
Goodness the talent you have is so amazing and wonderful...The green stuff oozing from your 
monitor is my envy...I oil paint, but haven't in years , not since the computer came into my 
home..I am going back to your pages now and continue the tour and I am sending your addy to 
all my friends.. Thank you again for your kind words in my guestbook...I need all the 
encouragement i can get...*S* Carol aka Angel Keeper
Your very welcome John , your work  is totally wonderful and you have a great gift of talent...
I too agree that people  can get back to the good in man by expressing  with art...  I'm afraid 
now that all my art is done graphically here on the computer...
I had a ceramics business for 15 years but, it became more thani could handle alone so gave 
it up... Now its just me and my trusty computer and i do enjoy working in my graphics so much...
I just added a new group of wallpaper pages that many haven't seen as yet.. If you would like to 
take a look you can find them here...
This is my second group of pages dealing with desktop wallpaper...Nest iam going to get into 
making desktop themes... Please do stay in touch and if i can help in any way please just email 
me... *S* Sincerely,

15 mrt
Name: Sonny Bergum
Web Address:
Comments: Killer drawings!

16 Mrt
Name: Deb
Web Address:
Comments: Amazing site!! You do fantastic work! Thank you for letting me know about 
your site!...Deb

Oh WOW I am really honored and you touched my heart very much....Thank you so much and i 
will add a link from my page to yours                    also if you have a button or banner...
Thank you so very much, here is the only thing i have right now that can be used for a link... 
Thank you again, Carol

16 Mrt
Name: RoseMarie
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments: John your web site is very good . I truly enjoy visiting it . Thank you so much for 
stoping by my site and applying for an award (its in the mail) :-) 

16 Mrt
Name: ~~~Jackie~~~
Web Address:
Comments: I just wanted to leave a footprint in your guestbook to let you know I was here for a 
lovely visit to your home on the web!
I have really enjoyed my stay, And viewing your beautiful work. God Bless you and yours.

17 Mrt
Name: Ananya
Web Address:
Comments: WoW! Congratulations on a wonderful site - what Talent!  I'd give anything to be able 
to draw like that - your pictures are absolutely Awesome! The sites put together in a really neat 
way - Top Site!! ... well done!!

19 Mrt
Name: Jenny Campbell
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments: A stunning site. You have put your graphic skills to good use in your web design

21 Mrt
Name: Enchante`
Web Address:
Comments: Nothing I could say would praise your work enough!

Name: Inga-Britt
Web Address:
Comments: Hi and thanks for inviting me to your site, I need at least one more day to be able 
to surf around your beautiful site.
I am a great lover of art and I think I will find a lot of things to feed my interest.You have done a 
terrific work to put a homepage together with all your creations. I will be back and explore 
the rest tomorrow. Best wishes from Sweden Inga-Britt

25 Mrt
Name: Sandra
Web Address:
Comments: Hello John I went over your site and it is very interesting. I saw a lot of nice pics and 
lots of info to. Well done and keep up the good work. By the way. I think that you must check your
mailbox soon because you won my awards.*S* Greetings from Sandra

27 mrt
Name: Doby London
Web Address:
Comments:Hello I really enjoyed my visit to your site. Being an artist also, I really love looking at 
artwork all over the web. Very nice site and wonderfully put together. Thank you for sharing, 
best wishes. Doby

28 Mrt
Name: Julie Barrett
Web Address:
Comments: Dear John, Enjoyed the site - came from a link on Yahoo! Very professional site! Its 
been a pleasure to visit with you - maybe you can give me some tips!
Best wishes Julie Barrett, Dublin, Ireland.

29 Mrt
Name: Heather Anne
Web Address:
Comments: You have a wonderful site. I am so glad I dropped by.

6 Apr
Name: Dianne Connolly
Web Address:
Comments: I really admire your paintings and the attention you pay to detail.

14 Apr
Name: Marlies 
Web Address:
Comments: It was nice, to meet you, thanks. Marlies

16 Apr
Name: kalee
Comments: i love this site. i actully found it at school. where are reading a book called the Cay.
this island was in it and the teacher was wondering if this island igsist.

21 Apr
Name: Olivia
Web Address:
Comments: Hi, this is a very nice site, came here via, which is cool too, do you 
have any pictures on there? I would like to vote for you !!!!

Name: Thomas
Comments: Hey i was just looking at your site, v nice,when i was looking at the guestbook and 
noticed someone had just been to Thats where i came from too... lol

23 Apr
Name: Juan
Comments: Good, very good! keep up the professional job!

25 Apr
Name: Joyce
Comments: Hai John, die tekening van ons, als gezin.... mooi gedaan. Echt, petje af. Harstikke 
leuk. Groetjes, Joyce Ps: Bart vond het ook erg knap en hij was ook onder de indruk van je site.
Hij vond het erg professioneel uitzien.

Name: jonathan
dag papa ik ben trots op jou mooie werk en ik ben trots op dat ik mensen kan laten zien dat
je zo mooj werk kunt doen  ja dat is mij vader ga zo door papa ik mis je je zoon 

Name: Jeppe de Boer
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Ha John, Erg mooie site, overigens is de auto voor Freek waarschijnlijk niet meer 
nodig, ze gaan in juni vanaf Bonaire opereren Groeten vanuit "warm" Nederland. Jeppe 

Name: alexander
Web Address:
Comments:dag john met alex jonathan had mij gezegd om naar jou website te kijken en ja ik ging 
kijken en het ziet er echt heel tof uit heel mooi en apart gemaakt ga zo door 
groetjes doei

29 Apr
Name: Jules
Web Address:
Comments: Hello just wanted to say what a wonderful site you have here. You signed my 
guestbook  last month (thanks for that).  I believe you applied for one of my awards. 
Can you reapply? I've had comp probs and lost a few of my mails. Keep up the great work 
by the way. ~Jules~

3 May
Name: Richard Moore
Web Address:
Comments: I enjoyed the variety in your site. Kind regards,Richard Moore

5 May
Name: Ger van de Ven
Web Address:
Comments: Wonderful work. Ger van de Ven Nuenen The Netherlands

9 May
Name: Geert ten Hacken
Comments: Stunning work John. I'm speechless

Name: Mindy Wilson
Web Address:
Comments: John-I thought I'd stop and visit. I really enjoy the work you are doing. I like that you're 
showing the steps it  takes to make this great art of yours!Mindy

12 May
Name: peersegers
Comments: John, je werk is een hele goede impressie van jouw artistieke talenten, van het doek 
naar pc is jouw visie en perspectief een waar breed spectakel die anderen laat meegenieten van 
alles om ons heen. Bedankt

19 May
Name: Jim Nasium
Web Address:
Comments: I think it's very nice of you to offer the members of the theillustratorsclub# an opperunity to show their art on your web site and I for one plan to take 
advantage of your offer.
I think you've done a wonderful job with your web site and I found it to be very easy to navigate 
through... the pages loaded quick and all your links worked.
keep up the great work John, and maybe one'a these days you'll share your secret with me and 
let me know how ya got so many hits to your site... Jim Nasium

25 May
Name: Margaret
Web Address:
Comments: John, As I've told you I really enjoy your step by step notes. I have been enjoying 
visiting your site for some time now. Keep up the great work and the great site. Margaret

26 May
Name: alex
Comments: i love it from alex

29 May
Name: Ashraf Gohar Goreja
Web Address:
Comments: Great Site. Congratulations. Ashraf Gohar Goreja,Neo-Figuralist Atlanta, Ga. USA

12 Jun
Name: Pottsville, Tx. Vol. Fire Dept
Web Address:
Comments: We enjoyed our visit very much --WELL DONE-- Come  by and visit our Small Central 
Texas Vol. Fire Dept. and see how we build our own equipment & then please sign our Guestbook 
& Apply for our Award…PVFD

22 Jun
Name: Elisa
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Dear John, I enjoy everytime of your work, your special art. You are doing a great job. 
I am very proud of you and wish you strenght to go on. Elisa

Name: Heather A
Web Address:
Comments: Hello! I would just like to say, that you are very talented and it really inspired me to 
see your work! I look forward to checking out the rest of your site!

26 Jun
Name: lubbert schenk
Web Address:
Comments: Hi I have seen your site. You have wonderful paintings on your site. It's great. 
Wil you see my digital paintings go to my homepage or for al my creative 
designs regards.

29 Jun
Name: Joy-Lily
Comments: Your email to wilderart said "free art placing" but the link would not work. 
What's the story?

30 Jun
Name: Rosemary Pierce Paintings
Web Address:
Comments: I browsed to your site and thought that your drawings are very good. I loved your 
sketches they are very creative. They are open minded, so to speak. Keep it up and hope you 
have a lot of responses to your e-mail campaign. I am an artist myself, and hope that when you 
read this, you will respond in return and let me know what you think of my work. Best wishes to 
your site; Rosemary Pierce Artist William Blanchard (programmer, artist)

1 Jul
Name: Johnnathan Korver
Comments: Your art is wonderful. I really enjoyed viewing it. I dabble in Oils and Acrylics in the 
traditional sense however I am having a great time in the "decorative painting" world I have 
discovered. Happy painting,Johnnathan Pasadena, Ca

2 Jul
Name: Grace
Web Address:
Comments: hi, I found your website an interesting place to view those artworks you had created. 
Most of your drawings/designs  are very-well drawn as well as inspiring.:o) Grace

3 Jul
Name: Brigitta
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, your site is very beautiful. I like your drawings very much. You are very 
talented. Best wishes from Nuenen, Brigitta

Name: Margie Kapherr
Comments: Not yet...........I want to look at more of your art work far, very very 
very beatiful.

4 Jul
Name: Julie Drake
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, Well done on the web site, it looks great and easy to navigate. Love the 
contents as well. Julie

6 Jul
Name: Kathy Loughran
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John I think your work is great. I used oils for many years but am now into decorative
 painting with acrylics. I came to your site from the Friendly Painters club and live in Canada.

9 Jul
Name: Mary
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I looked through your website and you do some beautiful drawings . I 
especially love the pen and ink, I've always wanted to learn that, I'm a painter myself, been for 
4 years, I'm into the wildlife and native american , and i love it, , I didnt see any wolves on your 
site do you do those? I'm still putting my art work on my site , If you would like to take a look 
feel free, may be ordering something soon from you thanks and keep up the great work mary

Name: Cindy Silverman
Comments:John,I came across this site through the Artist's Way. Congratulations! I'm very
interersted in designing stamps. You are doing a lot of what I wish I were doing. i find your work 
inspiring. Cindy Silverman, Toronto, Canada.

10 Jul
Name: Suzanne Burgio
Comments: Your work is superb. I have seem some of your stamp designs prior to visiting 
your site. 

Name: Matthias 
Web Address:
Comments: Hello! I crept also over another guest book on yourpage. It was worthwhile itself! 
A very beautiful versatile Homepage.Ich of desires you still many nice attendance on your PAGE 
and nice entries from Germany mfg.Matthias from Germany

23 Jul
Name: Hazel
Comments: Just saw your message on the nature in art site. Welcome. I have no artistic talent 
like yours. A nearly neighbor of mine, Gary Greene who is a pencil artist, gives classes around 
the world. I took a class from him around a year ago. Boy, was I out of my niche. It was the 
hardest thing I ever did. You have a talent straight from God to be able to do this. Your work
is beyond beautiful. Congratulations on meeting your world goal. Hazel

26 Jul
Name: Carol Barbas
Comments: I had found your link on another site and also I am in drawing together#smartgroups 
group. Carol

18 Aug
Comments: Retired for almost 5years, there is nothing better than to help those in need remember 
to say thank yu to a retired  service member,.
It mean alot to them so said this words while they are still alive and well in health.. not went they 
a passaway... From Rick

27 Aug
Name: van Drunen
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John, your new site is terrific, job well done. Yep, I love your work. The Kids Corner is 
also a great idea. Wish you luck !!!! The van Drunen's

28 Aug
Name: Carol 
Comments: I haven't looked at everything you have, but I Love what I see so far, I am sooo Very 
Glad my friend told me about your site already, Thank You and I hope to hear from YOu!!! ????? 

Hi John I know you are a very busy man, but I had to respond back to you, and let you know that
if it wasn't for my very good dear friend Bobbie Colgrove I wouldn't of never knew about your site!! 
She is a dear friend I grew up with all during Middle school and also High School too! I thanked 
her first and foremost, but I thank you too for a very nice wonderful site and that helps not only the 
children but the adults as well, You are a very nice man and keep up your good work too!!!

29 Aug
Name: Ashraf Gohar GOREJA
Web Address:
Comments: My Dear John, It was nice to hear from you. Your website looks very great and the 
design is excellent. Your hard work worth a lot for the artists and viewers who love to visit you
again and again. I am a FAN of your site. Congratulations. I also would like to thank you very 
much for adding my art in it.
I wish you success and blessed day. Ashraf Atlanta,Ga.USA

30 Aug
Name: Wilga
Web Address:
Comments: Dear John, Your website is great and a pleasure to visit! Thanks for having my 
miniature art in it. Good luck with all your future endeavours on your website!
Wilga The Netherlands

5 Sept
Name: Johannes S. aka bio4ema
Web Address:
Comments: nice site i wrote you an e-mail anyway could i get feedback on ??? cause we just finished the design best wishes, JO

10 Sept
Name: T McCay
Web Address:
Comments: This statement is simple: I really like your site, a whole lot! It has ballance and 
encourages the young to do art. T : )

17 Sept
Name: Marlies Vetter
Web Address:
Comments: Its wonderful, your site to see in very special Marlies

Hello John, you too.........I love your artwork also. When you can, so link my site too. Next time 
I`ll make all new, so I place you in my link site also, really???
Best times I wish and full of ideas Marlies

Name: Vitold Barhatkov
Web Address:
Comments:Dear Freand! I Am wish You the Best!My Opinion: "The Guest Artists" Page just do 
not make Your Artworks look better. Keep the Good Work! Welcome to View: Impressionist,Realist and Avantegarde Art! Greetings-Vitold

24 Sept
Name: Shirley
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I just visited a small portion of your great site. It will take plenty of time to 
meander through the rest of it. I appreciate all your work, particularly the portraits. I have recently 
had my first website for some of my art. I am sadly lacking imaging skills and photographing 
artwork, but trying to learn and improve. I would love to be added to your mailing list.
Sincerely, Shirley Parish Hatfield 

24 Sept
Name: Rachelle Rose Hurst
Web Address:
Comments: What a fantastic and well-organized website, John. I particularly loved the 
step-by-step process where you showed how you create your cat and dog art. Art can be so 
intimidating and daunting to aspiring beginners, but when you break it down into baby steps as 
you did, becoming a great artist seems somehow more attainable. And by the way, 
I wholeheartedly agree with you about dogs and cats' unfortunate dependancy on us, now that 
man has domesticated them. Best of luck to you. Come and see some more art at my
website: Peace, love, art, and atomic love, Rachelle  Rose

Name: Judie Burge
Comments: Very nice work!...thank you for sharing your talents with us...still trying to get back 
to my oil/acrylic and watercolor painting.....and goard designs.....will someday. Viewing artists
works are encouraging and day soon...I will. The journey is the most exciting 
part! Judie Burge......

30 Sept
Name: Margaret
Web Address:
Comments: John your site really looks great (of course I always thought it did even before all the 
work on it) I have done a ton of work on mine too so I know what you've gone through, of course 
mine doesn't look this good. All the best, Margaret

Name: Christine
Web Address:
Comments: Absolutely excellent! Splendid site and fantastic  art...Thanks so much for sharing 
through the group ArtPromotionGallery.Very best of luck to you in your artistic pursuits. 
~~ Christine Wasankari, Heathersky Studio

2 Okt
Name: peter jean caley
Web Address:
Comments: Im glad I found your site

4 Okt
Name: Tiffany Connelly
Web Address:
Comments: Very cool - I have always been fascinated by orginal art designs and concepts . 
And think its' great to see excellent talent from near & far 

6 Okt
Name: Zookeeper
Web Address:
Comments: Beautiful! :) Thank you!

7 Okt
Name: Linda Cherilus (Berrian)
Comments: Hello John. I am an alumni from Arts High School. I, too, was a violinist there during 
the 3 1/2 years that I was there from '72 - '76. I was checking my mail today and came across 
your message to the Alumni Association. I came to check out your pictures and fell in love with 
what I saw. Continue to bless us with you talents. I enjoy it as I am sure others are, too......Linda

8 Okt
Name: Lori Smith
Web Address:
Comments: Love your site.Keep up the good work.

9 Okt
Name: Marijan Gal
Web Address:
Well, John, what to say bat congratulations to all of your talents.Your pictures are so 
professionaly made. I realize that you can paint/draw whatever you see. 
I am an artist, too. I can do all you can do, but every time when I see so much efforts made on 
one picture, I admire that effort all over again. I begin drawing since 8 and pass a long trip with 
different steps. So did you, I know. 
I wish you many more finished pictures. Take care. Marijan Gal from Croatia 

11 Okt
Name: Lubbert Schenk
Web Address:
Comments: Best John Baselmans ik heb je website eens bekeken en je kunt schitterend 
tekenen met pen en potlood echt mooi.
Ik teken zelf met een computer orgelfronten schepen enzovoort. Eerst tekende ik met 
potlood maar daar ben ik mee gestopt. m.v.g Lubbert Schenk 

22 Okt
Name: Jeff Wesley
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I have come across your work many times on the Internet while I am 
searching surfing. I admire your artwork and the fact that you want everyone to enjoy “Good”
art. If grandma or the children would be offended with an artist’swork—then why do it? 
We belong to the same club now and I will be sending you some photographs of my artwork. 
Keep up the efforts and I always say>> ?Keep Arting! Jeff Wesley

23 Okt
Name: rhonda rich
Comments: great work, a really inspiring is wonderful that you share your love for art with 
others, your passion for it comes out in your work. that is what makes a great artist. thank you

Name: Lodi
Comments: ik kwam even op je site via de surfsite van curacaoen ik ben zeer impressed met 
wat je werk keep up all the nice work!greetz from curacao

30 Okt
Name: Michelle Jewell
Comments: I'm a member of Draw For Fun. I don't have any of  my drawings on the website 
because I can't seem to find anyone to put them on for me. I have no computer at home only at 
work and I don't have a scanner. Anyway, I saw your website through that group and I'd just like 
to let you know that your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I take an art school at home. I'm not 
sure if you've heard of it or not "Art Instructions School" out of Minnesota, but it is a wonderful 
school. I hope to one day do freelance and whatever else I can for a career. My only thing is I like 
to just do pencil drawings and ink. I'm not one for putting much color in my pictures. Once in a 
while I do, but I just feel that they are natural and beautiful black and white. If I ever get to post my 
drawings I'd like your opinion on my artwork. Thank you for your time, and again your work is 
beautiful. Michelle Vermont

2 Nov
Name: kaaren
Reference: Search EngineComments: Hello John. Your art work and drawings are compelling and 
beautiful. Ironically I just moved to Curacao from the US two months ago. I am a designer and 
urban planner and i was searching the web for designers and architects in Curacao. I came across 
this website. Your story about your grandfather is very moving. My grandmother is our family 
matriarch and artist extrodonaire! I think that is where i receive my talents for creativity. 
Tomorrow i will be attending Curacao's art first one and i hear the island's first one as 
well. Maybe i will see your artwork there! 

4 Nov
Name: Lori Smith 
Web Address:
Comments: Enjoyed your web site.Thanks.

8 Nov
Name: Bill Gardoski
Web Address:
Comments: I came here, and am also impressed with your work, Hard as I try I can only really 
get into mechanical subjects. Your work is great, thank you for your comments about mine. 
Bill Gardoski, moderator "painting in oils" 

9 Nov
Name: Piet Beversluis
Comments: Vanavond is Yvonne bij ons op vistie geweest. Het  blijkt dat u op Mauritslaan 5 hebt 
gewoond. Ik heb daar ook gewoond in 1955,1956 en 1957. Wij, mijn vrouw en ik zijn in maart 1996 
weer op Curacao geweest. Wij zijn toen ook in het huis aan de Mauritslaan 5 wezen kijken omdat 
u ons wilde laten kijken. Wij hebben dat toen heel erg gewaardeerd. We hebben Yvonne, Frans, 
mijn vrouw en ik hebben vanavond het e.e.a. de revue laten passeren en hebben genoten van deze 
toevaligheid. Hierbij wil ik dan nog een keer onze waarderen uitspreken.
Vriendelijke groeten van Jozien en Piet Beversluis.

10 Nov
Name: Fr#ns Roetman
Web Address:
Comments:Hallo John, mijn complimenten voor jouw werk,ik vind het bijzonder goed. 
Nu we al eens contact gehad hebben hoop ik verder samen te werken.

11 Nov
Name: Carla van der Mei
Comments: Hallo meneer Baselmans, Hoe is het op Dushi Corsow? Vorig jaar na 30 jaar weer 
eens op curacao geweest er is heel wat veranderd, maar dat is overal zo.
Via de origamisite op uw site gekomen, doet u ook aan origami? Ik vind vooral de postzegels 
en Nature erg mooi en herken hier ook weer de mooie plekjes van het eiland. hartelijke groeten 
uit Drachten (Friesland) Carla van der Mei

13 Nov
Name: Barb
Comments: Hi, John, from the favorite drawing that you have posted is "Spanky"--
he looks like a Jack Russell terrier, and it seems that ANY picture of that breed is a winner! 
You have a unique site, with the progress shots up to the finished product...almost like taking 
an art lesson!

Name: Ernest Deutschman
Comments: Hello John,I came across your site while reading my e-mail;your comments on a 
blacksmith site. I am 69 years old and have always wanted to be able to draw. To be able to 
draw as you do would be like being in heaven. I have requested your free course and that may 
be the spark that ignites my interest in this very creative process. Keep up the good work. Ernie 

Name: Aquarelapura
Comments: Hi, just dropped in from your link at WatercolorWorkshop. What a generous artist 
you are! I not only got to see all your beautiful work, but all your guests'. It was like being in a 
gallery. Thank you!

Name: barry clay
Web Address:
Comments: John I can see from your work that is is something that you really enjoy doing and 
close to your heart,how wonderful that you have had the pleasure of growing up in such a artistic
environment and keeping on the traditions of your family,I am sure they would be very proud of you. 
More strength to your lovely work and that you paint and paint ! anyone who is so gifted should 
always just keep creating wonderful work.
With the internet it is possoible to share art in this way,what would we do without it and the bond 
it gives to artists worldwide,I am a modest painter but enjoy every moment getting lost behind a 
brush,it is nice sharing your artwork and perhaps learning something different in your approach. 
From a fellow artist,Barry Clay

Name: Nicole
Web Address:
Comments: John...I have one word for your art...AWESOME!!!

14 Nov
Name: Isabella Baltar
Web Address:
Comments: Great work, specially the dogs, I loved!

16 Nov
Name: Ceu
Web Address:
Comments: You have a vast and wonderful work and techniques.I love that different ideas. 
congratulations on your site ceu

17 Nov
Name: Tami Lannom
Comments: John, Beautiful work...keep it up. Tam

Name: joe r. villarreal
Web Address:
Comments: I like the fact that you can paint many subject matters. Not very many artists 
can do that. joe

19 Nov
Name: Elvin Tian
Web Address:
Comments: Best Art Work!! Update more... especially Cats.

20 Nov
Name: the mcoustras
Comments: John, as usual your website is amazing - we so enjoy going to it every now and then
 - you certainly are brilliant in so many facets of art - keep it up Kaye and Jack

24 Nov
Name: juliaT
Comments: I very much enjoyed browsing right through all of  your site. I like very much that you 
are sharing it with other artists too. I didnt see any from the Uk, that is where i am from, I am an 
artist too. a quote for you " Out of chaos comes creativity" said by Frank Herbert. best wishes..

27 Nov
Name: Elisabeth
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John, it's so wonderful to see how your drawings are growing, specially the 
last one, your mom. It shows your love for her. I enjoy every time of your work and I am very
proud of you. Elisabeth

28 Nov
Name: Jan
Comments: Hello I love all types of art and architecture and was particularly impressed with your 
passion for what you do.Keep up the good work. Jan

4 Dec
Name: Loreta Mander
Comments:Beautiful and sensible site. Go on ! Very fine for kids corner.

5 Dec
Name: Lee Smith
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I enjoyed seeing your warm expressive work, was a pleasure this morning! 

Name: Charles McChesney
Web Address:
Comments: Nice visiting your site again. u have some impressive work here.

Name: eve
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, very Good work and thank you to join eve3d Groups God Bluss you - 
Best /eve

7 Dec
Name: Greg
Web Address:
Comments: Thanks for sharing your wonderful art, John. -Greg Joens

8 Dec
Name: Larian
Web Address:
Comments: it was an honor John to visit w/you via your website, i sence a true artist, not just a 
painter.... i would like info reg what i need to do to show a few pieces of my work on your site...
thanx for sharing larian artist/poet

10 Dec
Name: Heather
Email: Not Entered
Web Address:
Comments: Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed browsing through your site. 
You have a real gift for capturing people as well as animals, and I love the stamp work. I just
finished reading "Griffin and Sabine" and your stamps reminded me of those illustrations. 
Anyway, you have some gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing.

13 Dec
Name: John Baselmans
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi, My name is John Baselmans too. But I can see that the art of drawing is not 
inherited by name, because my own drawings look like shit.

16 Dec
Name: eve
Web Address:
Comments: Hi Master - John Great Portraits, Greeting to your Family Special to old Master 
(Father) i be here from time to time to learn Art and Love
You and Family have a merry xmas and a happy new year...Best wishes, /Friendly eve

18 Dec
Name: Inga-Britt and Mohamad
Web Address:
comments: We wish you too a merry Christmas and a Happy new year. Looking forward to see 
more beautiful paintings in 2003. Best wishes from Sweden Inga-Britt and Mohamad

Name: patrick Leis
Web Address:
Comments: Great stuff, and excellent idear to have guestsites. Best of luck

19 Dec
Name: Rosemary Burnett
Comments: I am a member of Mars Hill Church in Vienna Virginia, USA. I got your email through 
the arts discussion group, and I am glad that I had the chance to check out your site. You are 
blessed with a great gift, and it is encouraging to see you doing what you love. Blessings! 

Dear John,
I am glad that I was able to see your work. I know that Pete had mentioned it before and I wasn't 
sure what he was talking about, but when I got the 
link it was my pleasure to view it. You have beautiful work!I would love to have a bit of your talent. 
I have an Art Degree, but I don't have as 
much natural talent as you do. I agree with you though that anyone can learn, because I did. :) 
I however haven't been doing anything with my art, 
so it is good for me to see someone doing so much. It motivates me to do art. Now I just need 
some time, and get motivated enough to do a couple of 
pieces for church. Anyway, thank you for writing, and I pray that the Lord continues to bless 
your talent! I will be sure to let others know about your site. In Christ Rosemary

22 Dec
Name: Kandi Barnes
Web Address: http:///
Comments: Hey John, I am a member of TAW. I love your site. Very impressive. Keep it up... 
Peace, Kandi
Hello John,
I know what you mean by making your day. I am always overjoyed when someone is moved by 
my work enough to say so and to recommend it to 
others, or to order prints. Knowing that you have touched someone with your art is an amazing 
You are a great artist. Keep it up. I will tell others aboutyou. Please visit my first of many sites. 
I don't have a great site like you. But I would love for you to visit. Thank You, Kandi Barnes

26 Dec
Name: Joe Pogan
Web Address:
Comments: John, I've visited your site many times in the past and I've always enjoyed watching 
your works in progress. Your a very talented artist and after reading your personal information
I see where you get it from. I'm looking forward to see what your next work in progress will be.
Thanks, Joe 

27 Dec
Name: Norma Renfro
Comments: Awesome....Awesome...Your talent is beyond anything I have seen. Your works 
are more than the paintings that you do. You have a raw talent that may not even be known 
in your time, a creation of something that the art you create just becomes  a part of...
Thank you for sharing...

29 Dec
Name: Jeannette Nemeth
Web Address:
Comments: Hello, Just visited portions of your site, was a joy to viewing another Portrait Artist's 
work. Very very good. Will come back for more.. Jeannette Nemeth, East Jordan, MI.


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