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Guest 164

Moon on the Shoulder
acrylics on wood  9" x 12", 
copyright 1992
Artist: Beatriz E Ledesma

Ledesma Studio Ltd 
Beatriz E Ledesma ATR, LCPC
773/ 561-0825 (office)
773/ 495-7052 (cell)
Chicago, IL
USA Web Site:


Guest 165

Two Roads
oil on wood 36" x 48",
copyright 2000
Guest 166
Dress on the Cross 
oil on wood 19" x 30"
copyright 2000

Guest 167

Blue Laze
acrylics on wood 9"x12"
copyright 1992
Guest 168
Blue Mandala
oil on wood 36" x 48"
copyright 2000



Guest 169

Moose Painting
Canvas Board

Web Site:


Guest 170

Sunflower Mailbox.


Guest 171

Garden Window
stretched canvas
Frame is painted.


Guest 172

Poppy painting
Canvas board.


Guest 173



Guest 174

Artist: Sukant Saran
I am a 39 year old artist 
specializing in pen work. 
I use stippling, filling, etc. 
in my work depticting 
spiritual imagery. 
These non-verbal, 
mental images are 
formed in response to a 
variety of life experiences. 
Existing in imagination, 
they are a source of 
inspiration and visual delight.
Guest 175
Guest 176
Guest 177
Guest 178


Guest 179

Chipmunks 12" x 9"
Origional Pen and Inks 
By Sherry Pettey

Web Site:


Guest 180

Touch of Innocence 
13" x 10"


Guest 181

Custom Pen and Ink 
Portrait 8 ½" x 11"


Guest 182

Old Friends 11 ½" x 14"


Guest 183

Sail Boat 14" x 11 ½"



Guest 184


Artist: Dave
All these photo-realistic portraits are done with ball point pen. If you want see more of his beautiful work visit the website:


Guest 185



Guest 186



Guest 187



Guest 188




Guest 189

Arbutus tree at a 
local west coast shoreline

Artist: Ted Bragg
My work, done with Acrylics and digitally with a Wacom pen using Corel photo-paint programs.
Website: portfolios/t/tbragg E-Mail art reproductions


Guest 190

A portrait done digitally 
and printed on canvas 
with the Giglee process


Guest 191

A picture of my wife 
and grandson





Guest 192

Self portrait



Guest 193

Night Rain

Artist: Cassandra Mitchell



Guest 194

Chevy Man


Guest 195

Waiting in the Shadows


Guest 196



Guest 197






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