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Guest 133

Church at Auvers-sur-Oise
29x37in  (74x94cm)
paper mosaic
Artist: Ed Chapman

Web site:

email address is:

Guest 134

Wuthering Heights
21x35in (53x89cm) 
paper mosaic 

Guest 135

"The Beatles"
53x24in (134x61cm)
paper mosaic


Guest 136

"Just a Guitar Player -
Bob Dylan"
24x36in (61x91cm)
paper mosaic

Guest 137

"Just a Guitar Player -
Bob Dylan"
24x36in (61x91cm)
paper mosaic



Guest 138


Art Light
custom-made stained glass creations & more Web site:
I love to do many types of art: 
stained glass, drawing, 
painting, & graphic design!
Artist: Heather Adams
Guest 139



Guest 140


Guest 141


Guest 142



Guest 143

"Child at the San Agustin" 
10X14 inches, watercolor on Montval 185gsm cold-press
Painted from a photograph I took of a boy sitting
in front of the San Agustin Church in old
Intramuros, Manila.
Artist: Ed

I'm Ed, an 18-year-old college 
student from the Philippines. 
I've been painting in watercolors 
for  five years now..

        Web site:


Guest 14Guest 144

"Saint on the Wayside"
10X14 inches, watercolor on Montval 185gsmcold-press
A statue of St. Therese by the road on the way to
the western town of Moalboal in Cebu,


Guest 145

"The Argao Church" 
10x14inches, watercolor
This is an old Spanish church in my mother's
hometown in southern Cebu, Philippines.


Guest 146

"Sea Shells" 
7X10.5inches, watercolor
A bunch of sea shells
from the bathroom.


Guest 147

"Burgundy Rose" 
10.5X13inches, watercolor
A painting based on a photo
I took in a Cebu flower farm.



Artist: Lynn 


Guest 148



Guest 149



Guest 150




Guest 151



Guest 152



Guest 152



Guest 153



Guest 154




Guest 155

Cloister Pelgrim Arless
Artist: Evalyn F. Segal

Philadelphia PA USA

        Web site:


Guest 156

Tree trunks & Wall


Guest 157

Autumm by the Creek


Guest 158

Fuzzy Pastel Grid


Guest 159




Guest 160


"As the Tortoise Stretched 
Up for a Kiss,
the Cries of Generations 
Came Forth"


Artist: James Langston

Web site: Designed Illusions


Guest 161


"The Underside 
of the City Street 
Revealed a Lost 


Guest 162


"A Family Portrait"



"The Study of the Cross
as an Energy Source"


Guest 163


"As the Tortoise Stretched 
Up for a Kiss, the Cries 
of Generations Came Forth"





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