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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 830

“Tales of the Past and the 
Future” oil

Artist: The international artist Sonja Hindkjaer’s works “Symbolic Realism” is characterized by mysticism, dream and reality. Web site:


Guest 831

“Searching for Freedom”, 
oil, 50 x 60 cm


Guest 832

“Happiness”, oil, 
60 x 80 cm


Guest 833

“The long days Journey”, 
oil, 60 x 80 cm


Guest 834

“Cherish what you have” 
graphite, 29 x 42 cm



Guest 835

Artist: Roberta Taylor Web site: arteestudio_1/index.html


Guest 836


Guest 837


Guest 838


Guest 839



Guest 840

"His Star in the East"
acrylic  8x10

Artist: Marilyn Speck Ballard Web site: Please visit. I'd like to know what you think shows the best.


Guest 841

"Chief Ten Feathers" 
oil pastels  20x26


Guest 842

"Walking with Friends"
watercolor  8x10


Guest 843

"Paino Practice" 
watercolor  6x6


Guest 844

"New Kid on the Block"
watercolor  8x10



Guest 845


Artist: M. E. Whitehill Web site:


Guest 846



Guest 847

"Blue door"


Guest 848



Guest 849

"Blue montain lake"



Guest 850

"La soñadora"

Artist: Mery Glez The paintings of Mery Glez focuses on femininity. Each image represents woman in different spiritual states or moods. Web site:


Guest 851



Guest 852



Guest 853



Guest 854

"Lección de modelaje"



Guest 855

"Abstract 1"

Artist: Yanica Galea Web site:


Guest 856

" Abstract 2"


Guest 857

"Landscape 1"


Guest 858

"Landscape 3"


Guest 859

"Object 1"



Guest 860

"Not Today" 

Artist: Keturah Glore Web site:


Guest 861



Guest 862

"I Just want to Cuddle"my site


Guest 864

"Francis and I"


Guest 863

"Green peace"





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