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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 693


Artist: Navaram Shrestha
A artist from Nepal. She make beautiful work and also make here own paper. Web site: crafternepal E-mail:


Guest 693



Guest 694



Guest 695



Guest 696




Guest 697


Artist: Ed Richards
"Seeing in more than merely looking... it involves NOTICING things".... Ned Smith Web site:


Guest 698

Killdeer collage


Guest 699



Guest 700



Guest 701

Running Buck



Guest 701

Burning Castle

Artist: Zara
Web site:


Guest 702

Double Arch Castle


Guest 703

Mountain Castle


Guest 704



Guest 705

Oussin Boots



Guest 705

“Iowa Storm”
19”X14” (approx.)
$100 (unframed)

Artist: Mike Murach Web site:


Guest 706

“San Angelo Lake”
16.5”X11” (approx.)
$225 (unframed)


Guest 707

20”X13” (approx.)
$125 (unframed)


Guest 708

“Wisp of Smoke”
12”X15” (approx.)
$120 (unframed)


Guest 709

“The flame”
15”X12.5” (approx.)
$100 (unframed)



Guest 710

“Snow leopard”
Watercolor on 300lb paper

Artist: Glenn Davis I am working on a series on endangered animals. This is my effort to remind people that
this situation is on-going and that, as the Native American philosopy goes, we all live in the same house. Web site:


Guest 711

Watercolor on 300lb paper


Guest 712

Watercolor on 300lb paper


Guest 713

Watercolor on 300lb paper


Guest 714

Watercolor on 300lb paper



Guest 715

 (commissioned cat portrait)

Artist: Amanda Moeckel. Web site:


Guest 716

"Disposable Dead" 


Guest 717

"Don't forget me... please" 


Guest 718



Guest 719

"The One Forgotten
(slipped quietly through 
the back door)" 



Guest 720

11 x 15 watercolor

Artist: Derek McCrea Web site: http://www.derekmccrea.


Guest 721

Roses at Night, 
11 x 15 watercolor


Guest 722

Country Barn 11 x 15 


Guest 723

11 x 15 watercolor


Guest 724

The Barn, 
pen and ink watercolor wash. 
11 x 15





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