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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".



Guest 494

Field of Wheat

Artist: Justo de la Cruz Web site: watercolorpe/


Guest 495

Pretty Village


Guest 496

The Door


Guest 497

The Bridge


Guest 498

Three People



Guest 499

Hidden Truth
(70L) x 45 (W) cm
Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Nicola Leary Art has always been a real passion of mine and plays a major role in my life and future career. E-Mail:


Guest 500

Gateway anonymous
80 (L) x 90 (W) cm
Acrylic on canvas


Guest 501

Hourglass Coast 
70 (L) x 42 (W) cm
Acrylic on canvas


Guest 502

Emergence of a Pendant 
90 (L) x 80 (W) cm
Acrylic on canvas


Guest 503

Guise in motion 
(70L) x 45 (W) cm
Acrylic on canvas



Guest 504

Going Home


Guest 505

Young maden


Guest 507

Wetigo by Ajisbister


Guest 506



Guest 508

Medicin Man



Guest 509

Whimsical ©

Artist: Kimberly Kettles Web site:


Guest 510

The Girl ©


Guest 511

The star ©


Guest 512

Childs Play ©


Guest 513

Loves Cradle ©



Guest 514

Inlet in Herring

Artist: Judy Josey Web site: http://joseypandorabox.


Guest 515



Guest 516



Guest 517

Herring Covesmal


Guest 518

Sambro 40



Guest 519

"Floating #3"

Artist: Yehan Wang The paintings size: 36x24"
They are all Acrylic on Canvas. Web site:


Guest 520



Guest 521

"Textured Clouds"


Guest 522

"The sun #2"


Guest 523

"The sun #3"



Guest 524


Artist: Barcala
Dibujante, Ilustrador.
C/ Campos Novos 39 5ºC 27002-LUGO-SPAIN
Tf: 982 24 67 04 Tf móvil: 627 60 57 55. Web site:


Guest 525

"Chicken soup."


Guest 526

"Small farm."


Guest 527

"Successful farm."


Guest 528

"Polar bear and penguin."




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