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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 395

"Closest friends for 
almost 40 years, 
Walt & Betty"

Artist: Jim Kiefer E-Mail:


Guest 396

"Colored pencil drawing 
of my daughter"


Guest 397

"Ink wash portrait of 
Eric Clapton"


Guest 398

"Chin was my favorite Thai 
friend during my 
tour in Thailand"


Guest 399

"Graphite portrait of 
my son when he was 7'



Guest 400

Blue, 100 x 80 cm, 
acrylic & oils on canvas, 

Artist: Suzlee Ibrahim Website:


Guest 401

Day & Night, 100 x 80 cm, 
acrylic & oils on canvas, 


Guest 402

Green Room, 100 x 80 cm, 
acrylic & oils on canvas, 


Ika, 195 x 240 cm, 
acrylic & oils on canvas, 


Guest 403

Love is in the Air, 100 x 80 cm,
 acrylic & oils on canvas, 



Guest 404

"Back To Basics"
 The American Constitution with the 
Bible and an Eagle/watercolor

Artist: Karen Parsons Website: Pet Portraits from photos


Guest 405

Colored pencil 
of our Bassett Hound


Guest 406

"Golden Morning"  
Soft pastel of a Golden Lab


Guest 406

Oxeye daisies in watercolor


Guest 407

"Diner Time"
Soft pastel of a gray squirrel



Guest 408

(Ophrys Speculum)

Artist: Wendy Taubert Wendy is an artist who literally wanders the countryside in Europe.
She looks for wild flowers in the fields and paints them.
She then reproduces the paintings for her website Website:


Guest 409

(Dactylorhiza Romana)


Guest 410

Mediterranean Wild Flower 
(Cyclamen Persicum)


Guest 411

Mediterranean Wild Flower 
(Pancratium Maritimum)


Guest 412

Mediterranean Wild Flower 
(Ranunculus Asiaticus)


Artist: Ansel Allen

I have been a photographer for I've had 6 exibitions.
Pictures from a recent snowstorm.



Guest 413



Guest 414



Guest 415




Guest 416

"Prismism #4, 
Marilyn's Deer #2"

Artist: Marilyn Fenn Website:


Guest 417

"Prismism #3, 
Marilyn's Deer"


Guest 418

"Hillside at Giogalto, 


Guest 419

"Rain Coming, Giogalto, 



Guest 420




Guest 421

"Rose for Mother's Day"

Artist: Jim Conte Website:


Guest 422

"Portrait of Dizzy Gillespie"


Guest 423

Humorous editorial 
cartoon of Alan Greenspan - 
"Alan's Real Estate Bubble"


Guest 424

Eaglephant humorous 
editorial cartoon of the 
new Republican Mascot"



Guest 425

Illustration of the characte
"Squealer" from George 
Orwell's Animal Farm"





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