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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 329

Space Terror

Artist: Computer art by Charles Mc Chesney Web site:


Guest 330

Fly Away


Guest 331

Mosquito Hawk


Guest 332



Guest 333

Land of the Lizard People



Guest 334

The inner child

Artist: Itzhak Ben-Arieh Born in Geneva, Switzerland, 1926 - in Israel since 1948 Photographer for 28 years at the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa.
 Ben-Arieh works mainly with 
the method of photomontage. 
His photographs are composed 
of a number of negatives, 
which were taken at various
locations and times, 
and were assembled by him,
 into final prints in the darkroom.
Web site:


Guest 335

The inner child


Guest 336

the establishment


Guest 337

the establishment


Guest 338




Guest 339

"The prune tree" 

Artist: Claudette Marlin Constantine (Algeria) where I was born, will always remain in my heart
An living in the world at the magnificent natural surroundings of the " Cote d'Azur"
Web site: claudette.marlin/index.html


Guest 340

"The strugglers"


Guest 341

Signs inspirated by 
Japanese calligraphy 


Guest 342

Kobe City by night 
seen from Ste Catherine 


Guest 343

Vegetable impression 


Artist: Ron Gang, artist, Kibbutz Urim, Israel
Web site:

Guest 345

Wadi - Winter with Cirrus Clouds, 2001 
oil on canvas,73 x 120 cm., 29" x 47"


Guest 344

Furrows, 2000, 
 oil on canvas, 45 x 74 cm., 18"x 29"

Guest 346

Acacia in West Field, 2001, 
oil on canvas,100 x 134 cm., 39" x 53"


Guest 347

Winter Gully, 2001,  
oil on canvas, 80 x 60cm.,  31" x 24"


Guest 348

Spring Panorama, 2002,  
oil on canvas, 45 x 150cm., 18" x 59"



Guest 349


Artist: Julian S. Bielicki
The art I create shows,
 in my opinion, 
more truth about human
 life than science, 
or psychology text-books.

Web site:


Guest 350

"Jacobs ladder"


Guest 351



Guest 352



Guest 353




Guest 354


Artist: Alfred van Soomeren
I'm been taking pictures for a 
long time, but since I'm retired, 
I have more time to indulge
my favourite pastime. Web site: vansoomeren


Guest 355



Guest 356



Guest 357

"Surf boards"


Guest 358




Guest 359

Artist: Angilella Joseph Auquier Web site: chapelle%20auquiere.html


Guest 360

"Chapel of Cevennes"


Guest 361

"Egg. Stoneware vase 
with cristallin enamel with 
coulures ascendantes. 
20 x 16 cm"


Guest 362

"Paroxysme guerrier. 
Technique : oil on wood"


Guest 363

"Icare : cristal 51 x 24 cm"





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