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name: Robert W. Reynolds
drawing: Snowsheep Woman
comment: I just stumbled across your web-site while looking for art instruction sites and really 
enjoyed your "in Progress" drawings and the subject matter that you find . 
I'm 68 and just getting back into drawing after many, many years.I'm afraid that I find that 
I probably make a mistake in my drawing by feeling an urgency to complete my drawings, 
rather than to take my time in completeing them over a perion of time, as you do.
If I could learn to manage my time a little better as you do , 
I probably would do better.I think your talent and ability is outstanding and I commend you for
your patience in your work. Very nice. Contact me if you wish. I live in Tennessee, USA
note: I too, have only given my art work away in hopes that it is enjoyed by others while 
we're on this earth.I honestly must admit, I could use the money but that isn't 
what art is all about, in my opinion.
suggestion: The only suggestion I have is Keep up the good work.
I'm no authority, or professional artist, but I know what I like in vision.
tip: Far be it for me to give any tips on your work. Just enjoy your efforts and talents.

name: Patricia Taylor
drawing: Baby World
comment: Oh my, those baby images are absolutely adorable!

name: may c.
drawing: curacao
comment: very, very detailed. even when up close the drawing is very detailed. i like it, as well as 
the animal illustrations. =)

name: Hans Koudenburg
drawing: all (the core)
comment: You are really going "to the core" here!! I like it a lot! To draw this must give you a
lot of satisfaction!!!

drawing: all your drawings & your work
comment: I can feel spirit working through you. I have posted your site on my group It is about the ascension. 
note: Thank you for providing a home for so many dogs. and cats?
suggestion: reptiles also in pain & agony from being caged & owned: iguanas, etc. etc.
tip: can you see more of what is in the auras like symbols?

name: Bobbie
drawing: Journey Into My Soul
comment: Very nice and colorful, John! Good design.
note: My son, P.J., is still drawing.

drawing: Journey Into my Soul
comment: Hello.. 
I just want to sy i love your drawing. 
i like the use of color.It's like a floating form. And i just adore the way you use the bubbles effect.
It has a peaceful but flowing feeling to it. Thank you for showing it. :)                      

name: linda
drawing: journey to your soul
comment: truly amazing work as always!!! phenomenal, 
stupendous, fabulous and I could go on and on!!! thanks so much for sharing!!

POSTED BY: Barbara Keith
COMMENT: Beautiful! What is this done in?

name: may can.
drawing: curacao
comment: very, very detailed. even when up close the drawing is very detailed. i like it, 
as well as the animal illustrations. =)

POSTED BY: Barbara Keith (
COMMENT: Beautiful! What is this done in?

Dear john ,  your soul flowings are absolutely beyond my scope of talent, but not my
God has touched you in so many areas, and it seems you are passing on what was so 
freely given to you, in many many ways. 
i am interest in your first volume.  please advise what i do next.
may you walk in peace, jan (my Native American name is "Much Joy")

from toni/Anton 
Hello John - welcome to Artsig
That is a most fantastic pencil drawing. 
The union of man and goat is symbolic to me of the love of the animals of the shepherd. 
His care and love is well expressed
By the way where do you come from, the features of the person remind me very much of 
South Africas descendants of mixed race now living in the Cape 

from antoine/Marc
John welcome on arsig! your drawing is really splendid, very precis and very detailed, the idea 
is particularly intérssante, the key of color brings an additional dimention, really a very good work, 
John bienvenue sur arsig ! votre dessin est vraiment magnifique , très precis et très détaillé , 
l'idée est particulièrement intérssante , la touche de couleur apporte une dimention 
supplémentaire ,vraiment un très bon travail ,félicitations 

from guillotine/David
baseltje , your skills are evident immediately, fine draughtmanship, expression, tone, a little unsure 
about the "correlation" here though, besides being next to each other, the only thing connecting 
these two images together is the rams horn going into the mans forehead...... again,
I think your work is really very good , you obviously have a sense of expression/emotion 
and how to make it come across, also the execution of the mans face and the rams face in general, 
both deftly pulled off it's just that I think if your going for a kind of metaphysical morphing or 
intertwined image of the two that the result would look better if they weren't just joined at the head, 
so to speak, the merge is just too abrupt.... still your style and work here is very good, and I see 
what you were getting at, also I'm just glad to see that some people actually still draw and paint, 
I'm getting really tired of the digital crap people call art these please keep posting kid....... 
pax romana 

from dana/Dana 
Excellent merge of color.
Would like to have seen spark in the human eye as well. Earring is excellent example of the 
impact of spark.
Compostion slips off page and is uncomfortable seeing the deepest dark pull my eye away. 
More blank breathing space after the dark shade of nape of neck (to match the opposite side) 
for a vignette look OR ... create reason for the art surrounding nose of Ram to run off page: 
Just slight shading in blank area or mountain brambles. Decorative high contrast brambles 
would work best to counter the extreme cut off at collar bone area of man. Or soften that edge as 
you have done for top of man's head for consistency.
Really commend the textured look of the horns. Dana

from carollee/Carolee
Your pen in hand is very nice. You have alot of detail involved here. I like what you are trying to say, 
but i agree with the fact that it is just to abbrut, with the horn. I also think maybe alittle more "life" 
to his eyes might help soften him...just a speck maybe? Welcome here. I have been here a few 
days....and like it. There are alot of digital & photos....was thinking maybe wrong place for me....
but I am hooked for now(grin) Keep showing your work.....much talent!! 

from savialeigh/Rikki
Interesting. Disorrienting too. Facial features of the man are excellent. 
I would prefer that his head didn't hit the edge of the paper, that seems to offbalance the composition. 
Also, the ram horn passing both over his head and behind it is too weird. If it passed comepletely behind, 
it would work. Ram horn also appears to erupt from his nose. Painful! =) Last horn comment, it looks
like it is growing into the ram's ear (also painful). If I block either side, ram or man, the remaining 
side works very well. Just the combination that doesn't quite succeed. 

from stevechong/Steve 
Hi John! When I came in here to ArtSig, your drawing captured my attention immediately! It really 
blown me away! Send me into my deep thoughts, such a strong impact it made on me. 
Has been a while I didn't feel like this. I would like to say thank you very much for making me
think again. I am inspired! 

from ajvaughn/Alan 
This is a wonderful piece! I love the blending and contrast of subjects and how you bring
them together! Wonderful! Alan

from toni/Anton
Hi john, nice to see another work of yours, I have the goat-woman still in mind.
This work is dificult to judge - try giving us more pixels (800 wide by 600 high) so that 
we can see the details
Although the quality of you pen-manship is of the best standard the marriage of the Iguana to 
the islander is not succesful, nor is the outline of your image. I somehow feel you could have 
used the tail to encircle the chin of iguana man 

from suzi/Suzi 
this is truly wonderful image I wish it were a bit larger to view the details better so I could 
comment more in depth but from here? it looks good 

name: Pierre Vachon
drawing: the use of pen & ink
comment: I have been drawing with either pen or pencil but only recently have I started to use
both on the same image. Your work is wonderful. I am going to come back to your site again to see
what I can learn from you. 

name: Peter Muzyka
drawing: All
comment: John, your work shows a singular sensitivity not often seen ion today's art world. 
Your pen and ink drawings are exquisite. Your colored pencils are very affecting and transcend the 
note: I have seen your presentation entitled "HumanBeing" and it is very painful to watch.
It is very sad that in our time of abundance and scholarship we still have the selfishness to 
ignore the downtrodden and disenfranchised and to praise war and revenge over compassion and love. 
I, myself live in a self proclaimed "Christian nation" where citizens prize greed and pride over the true
teachings of Jesus Christ. What I find most disheartening is that the best educated and most 
economically stable societies in the world are willing to turn their backs on the needy so that they can
command a bigger piece of the economic pie. Will it ever change? I wonder.
suggestion: Keep doing the wonderful work that you do and thanks for sharing your insights.

name: Rachel
drawing: Kid
comment: Fascinating, the way it come out from your magic hand excited me. 
bless you and thank you.

Dear John,
Thank you, honourably, delighted to be one of your members, wish i could be one of 
your studio pupils too, who knows, maybe one day.
Happy Xmas and Healthy happily creatively year, to you and all of yours,


Thanks to you for the big support and nice comments.
Your support keep me going.

Dec 20, 2007 – Gary Dee
[I'm Michelle from Curacao and a guest on your site
Jul 14, 2010 – MiChelleAngella
Terrific work. I really like the contrast in colors and moods between the different elements



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