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Comments 2005
Year 2005

Are so cool this pictures
Yean Paul Brenet

i love this kind of art, thanks
Paulo arturo saka gutiérrez

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John,It is beautiful and your father sounds like a great muse in your life. 
He's always apart of who you are. You're gifted and blessed.

Hi John,
So good to hear from you again but I am so sorry to hear about your Father in-law.  
Your sculpture is just beautiful.  And what a wonderful way to honor him. 
 Hugs... Julie

Sorry to hear your sad news, John. What a lovely tribute to this man you loved as Father.
Take care.

I'm so very sorry for your loss, John. Your sculpture fits it's name well and is a beautiful 
heart felt tribute to a man you knew and loved.

What a touching story and thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to you for your loss.
You just continue to amaze me at your abilities. Not many artists can claim 
high quality 2-D AND 3-D work.
But you are a master creator of beauty! This sculpture has such a soothing affect to look at. 
How wonderful to have this in your garden!

John, this is really lovely. It's a shame he didnt see it completed, but I'm sure he's 
watching over it now.

Very graceful and serene, John. a thoughtful tribute indeed.

I see motion, strength, grace and peace. A worthy tribute indeed. Beautiful.

John this piece is very inspiring. It is a wonderful memorial to him and his passion for your work. 
Keep On Creating!

It's beautiul John.I am so sorry to hear about your loss,

Great job, John & I'm sorry for your recent loss.
Cobara man, I love this kind of art, thanks
Paulo arturo saka gutiérrez

Beste john.
thanks .ik heb van jou tekeningen genoten vooral portret tekening daar ben ik zelf nu mee bezig .
je uitleg is goed bedankt  de ogen heb ik nu eindelijk onder de knie.
bedankt  malta 

Very beautiful work. Please keep up the great job!
Mr. Terence E. Jackson

Iguanaman Wow... I really enjoy what you draw. It's very beautiful. Do not stop. I love it.
Congratulations !
Midahely Villate

Her nose looks kind of weird, it there supposed to be something on it?

Very beautiful work. Please keep up the great job!
Mr. Terence E. Jackson

I had to view your site after seeing your portrait on the draw/sketch site, because I could
not believe that it was a portrait.  Wonderful work and gives me some inspiration for the

Thank you...I am using your lesson with my class.
Maggi Carstairs

Beautiful work. I am truely a beginner. I am presently struggling with charcoal (I don't
like it) but will continue. I learn so much with your pictures and discription of what you are
doing. Thank you

Hi! I'm brazilian and begun drawing about a year ago (I'm 23). I'm loving doing it and your
work is very inspiring to me. Hope some day I can reach half of your skills. This drawing I find
specialy wonderfull. Congratulations! 
Ian Red

I really like the beginning. It asked meto come along. your colors are bright and inviting 
and fresh. Good job

Dear Sir,
I like very much your talent! It is all what I can said to you
beaucause my english is very bad. Good bye to see more works for you
Joseph horvath

This is stunning.
I will be using your website a lot this year as I am teaching Art again.
Its a fabulous website. Thank you
Maggi Carstairs

Estan hermosos los dibujos soy un joven artista de 21 años de santiago de chile!
those draws are beatiful i really like those a lot!! men, im a 21 years old artist from santiago
de chile southamerica greetings saludos!!

I would like to get your pictures
Julija Arsobo

You have beautiful work, as of myself i used to draw cartoons when i was younger maybe
about 17 or 18, i never went to art school kindaruns in my family my aunt judy i used to watch
draw and always wanted to be as good as her. well i'm 48 years old now and about two 
years ago i wassitting in my living room and i love faries and i picked this calendar
up one night and started to draw, this girl and when i finished i was surprised at myself and 
ever since then i have been drawing, and i have gotten really good as i've been told. i just look 
at the pictures i haven't came up with anything out of my head yet.
i've always had low self esteen but i'm proud to show my work off and people brag on them so. 
i want to take a class because theres always something to learn, maybe i will i want to 
keep it up who knows maybe one day i'll sell my drawingsor be an artist, 
you're never to old right  thanks for reading this debbie
Debbie braswell


Thanks to you for the big support and nice comments.
Your support keep me going.


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