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Comments 2004
Year 2004


I really enjoyed your step-by-step explanations of how you 
create your really lovely and immaginitive pictures.   
I wish you a lot of succes and I think your should publish a 
book of this sort.    Yours faithfully,   


I love your work. You are bloody good. Fnatastic artist. I like how you have added step 
by steps of your work. That way people get to see the gradual creative process.
Very well done. I'm impressed as i'm sure hundreds of others have been.
Take care and keep up the great work.
Robert Forbes

I assume the color pencils used in this painting are pastel pencils. Is that right? 
Do you work from photos to get the perspective correct?  I love your work. 
Thanks for the step by step progress.

Your drawing/painting of Wolf Woman is beautifully done with so much detail. 
Two things bother me about this piece however. 
The right eye appears to be too round especially relative to the left one.  
Also the nose appears to be at almost a 3/4 view angle instead of the straight 
on frontal view of the head. Do you use the old standby method of checking your 
work by looking at it in a mirror.  
The reverse image gives a fresh eye view of your work. I don't mean to be critical 
but you seem to be a perfectionist and would want to catch errors since you put 
so much time and talent into your work.(Maybe these are not errors but intentional 
distortions??)  I love this site with your WIP and look forward to seeing more.  
Char in North Carolina

Hello, I'm really curious about your technique. 
What type of pen and ink do you work with in order to make the shades in your 
drawings of human portraits?

I think this drwaing is amazing could you please draw a picture like this but with 
a tiger instead of an elephant you are great .

Hi i am puja and i am working with penguin books india as a graphic designer.
Well i am very impressed with your work, seeing your website only, im inspired and 
must wish you all the best for your exhibitions.
do send me any of your other work that you have done on the email i am sending you.

I love your work. I also love your eyes, they are mesmorizing.I can't stop looking at them.
Lish Sonney

I also like to draw and paint.These are great drawings.I like the woman and sheep best.
This goes to show the great detail with pencil.
Karen Cotton

Hi. You are on my yahoo friend list ,have spoken once or twise.
Good to se you are still,produceing great work,at such a sad time for you .
Your doing well.All my very best ,

that's real nice John.
great job!
just the way it is here.

John, really-really fantastic works and website as well.
I want to be like you!.
How much time do you spent for drawing every day?
Best regards

I really do love your work, such an inspiration to me and a joy to look at.
Barbara Klocke

Beautifully done, John! I'm so happy that you're finally able to work again. 
Barbara Curtiss

I love your drawings and am an aspiring colored pencil artists. 
I could only dream of being able to create works as wonderful as yours.
Teresa Jackson


Beautiful paintings!  You are a true artist.
Shirley Lehmann

John ,what a pleasure it is to watch you create such a wonderful piece of artwork , 
it is an inspiration to all artists, keep up the great work.
Nigel Fuller

You always thrill me with your wonderful art. I enjoy everything you do. 
I am so glad that you are so willing to share your talent with all of us... 
Hugs, Virginia

Good morning, John.  I am curious about where you start a drawing. 
For instance this one, do you take a photo of the scene first?  
If so, where in the picture do you first start the drawing?  
I'm not a good artist so please excuse my ignorance, if I had this photo 
I think I'd find the middle of the picture to start, and work out from there.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards

John , brilliant work , I always like to follow you as you produce your drawings, 
you are a great inspiration to other artists.Thank you my friend.

Seven days and we are looking and smelling the same fish! 
(I'm glad we can't smell it!!LOL :o) Wonderful drawing and very good in 
explaining the progress. By the way... what kind of fish are they catching and selling!! 
When you work with colored pencils do you ever use the Pasrel Pencils they have available. 
I just started a pastel course and I like use the Pastel Pencils for the fine detail work ... 
but don't know whether I would be better to use colored pencils instead??
Tom Farrell 

I loved being able to see what you have done from beginning to end.  
Thank you for sharing.  Water color pencils look like a great medium to work with.

Wow! You are incredible!

Your art is beautiful, John.  And, I love the way you describe each and every phase!!  
Lynn Hill

As a member of Featherpainting, I have been introduced to your work, and am fascinated by it. 
 It is detailed, and the thought and work and patience you put into each piece is a delight to see.  
Your art background is also a wonderful insight to your work. 
We are blessed to have an artist like you, John.
Vonnie Kauffman/Fort Worth, Texas

dear john,
this one generated a feeling of a lazy afternoon in the outskirts..i liked it very much..

This is just fantastic. I am very much a novice at drawing and this site is so great. 
I now can see how to do a picture bit by bit to get a finished picture. 
Thank you so much for your advice and inspiration. Keep it up please. Thank you.

John, you truly are the inspiration! How much I enjoy your art.  God bless you. 

Looking Good!

Do you have difficulties mixing the medias? I don't have much success with pastels 
and other mediums.

I just want to say that i see so beautiful picturies
it's fantastic world
thanx (i'm sorry for mestakes(i from russia)

Your work is just outstanding!  I really enjoy the idea of seeing the work as it progresses.
Hope all is better with you at this point in your life.
Thanks again, so much, for sharing.
Patricia Taylor

its a gr8 wrk of looks real n n eye catching. tree is dense n looks shady. 
i am sure end result  will b good.
Mili agarwal

You're artwork is outstanding. It looks so lifelike because of how impressive the detail is. 
Keep on painting, thats were your talent is.:)
Angela ross

Very great work. Your details are so good. Keep it up!!!

John,yes ,another beautiful work of yours.
I love to see the progress part,unimaginable.
Keep going champ!!

Your work is absolutely amazing! Wow. You are exceptionally talented. Thank you for sharing.
Ana Tirolese

Hey John,
I was very pleased with the results for Wip2. 
Thank you for sending it to me. I was wondering...where do you get your ideas from? 
Do you use life or books? Or do you just come up with your paintings as you go? 
Just curious. The painting looks like its in an old part of town. 
The tree is my absolutely favorite part, because its so lifelike. Anyways thanks again.
Your fan, Angela

I love this image. Keep doing this type of image; folksy, period, urban, 
great to look back on and remember when for buyers. Beautiful work. 
But stay away from closeup portraits. The portrait . . . just don't do many more. 
Keep doing the scenes. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Me encanto la secuencia !!! la puse en favoritos.
Por que no haces un libro de tecnicas, con todas las secuencias de diferentes cuadros??
Maria Cabrera-Macias

That picture is beautiful!  I love how you showed all the stages!  
Oh man I'm so excited now after seeing this to start school!  
You see I'm going to start going to an Tech & Desing school and learn animation in July!  
I so can't wait to start doing art again!  Thanks for the insperation!  Keep up the good work!

I absolutely love your work, and really enjoy seeing how it comes about, 
step by step. Amazing, when I looked at this piece one picture at a time and you said 
it was missing something, the first thing I thought of was it needed a dog. 
And then, you put one in! It's a wonderful picture, as are all of yours.  
You are truly blessed with talent. 
Darlene Propp

h r u?
i m khuram from lahore pakistan asia
i visited this drawing site
its very good and impressive
keep it on.

Your work is the best I've seen yet

Hi John , you have created yet another masterpiece , as always your work is wonderful, 
keep drawing my friend.
Nigel Fuller

John,  Very inspiring painting.  Makes me realize how very important good drawing is.  
When I do oils I often just start in with the brush.  Maybe I should draw more first.  
Your detail is great.

Impressive.This Picture helps me that how can i do my work more better than before.
I need some sketches about human eye,if it's possible for you so please kindly 
send me those sketches with different angles of an eye(in colors also).I'll be very 
Thankful to you.  

i've enjoyed viewing this piece. of all your past series, i've enjoyed this curacao one the 
best as it gives a look into your part of the world. 


Very nice!

Dear John, This is NO apeMAN.  It is a 
beautiful portrait of a woman, and I like the coloring and background.  Is 
she a model, a friend? Do you do this 
professionally, or just for fun. 
M Lindsey Hagood 

Yulia Schroth

Thank you
Roman Shamonov

Thisis really looking fantastic.
mohd mehaboob

Hi, I have no suggestions or tips. I only want to say I enjoyed seeing the making of 
your drawing which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank You for this site.
Zelma  Payne

Please tell me how you did the beginning out line,and do you use tools to draw circles 
or its all in the hand ?
Ricardo Cantoral

Wat een koppie zeg! Het is echt Igor. ;-)
Knap gedaan hoor John. Groetjes van ons allebei!

That is a amazing pic. I didn't think it was going to come out like the finally and thats 
what is so amazing about it. 

I am simply amazed at your work, thank you so much for sharing. 
I am an artist now after years of being everything but, raising a family. 
Now that I am retired, I create. You have shown me how to create a picture with three 
different mediums. I would have never thought of it and you do such great work. 
I have learned a lot just looking at this one lesson, I gotta say again, thank you so 
very much for sharing and I will be back again. I love to do pencil and pen & ink and 
also pastels and colored pencil but I never thought to combine them. I did not know 
that I wanted to until I saw your work.....
Fred Tate

John..... thank you so much for answering my email, I appreciate it wery much. 
I was happy to leave the comments, I enjoyed you site so very much and please 
continue to work. I have sent your site out to some friends and will continue to reccommend it. 
I have included a couple pieces of mine that I did a long time ago. I am just now getting back
 to working after a long dry spell. Thank you again and enjoy........Fred

Mr. Baselmans i like your website,it is very inspirational and i like all your tips and 
suggestions.I love to paint also,in acrylics,and now that i see what you can do with 
color pencils,i would like to try it,please let me know how to take the first step,thank you,
Corinne de Haseth-BoyeCorinne.

i liked your drawings very much they are fantastic. i wish you a luck for your 
comming days and exibition.
vasant kc

Great job, John.

Amazing!!! Wonderful! how did you do that? I'm a beginner and I'm from the 
Philippines a 4th Year College student, 24 at age. I try surfing the net to get 
some better ideas about painting. Right now I'm doing pastel portraits but I want 
to learn more about the other mediums especially the one you are using. 
Please give me some advice.
Vladimir Guanzon

Thanks to you for the big support and nice comments.
It makes 2004 a beautiful art year.



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