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Comments "Wolf woman"

I love the way you combine media...pastels and pencil and pen work.  
very inspiring
June Walker

Absolutely beautiful. I really admire people with your talent.
Just wished I had the confidence and imagination to try something like that.

Absolutely stunning!! Thank you for sharing your work - it is so awesome.

I really enjoyed viewing this drawing process. Thank you! Beatriz

Wow this is so beautiful how u started it to the finsh.
 Lady G

Here we go! I've been waiting for this one!

John:  She is emerging!  I'll await the
finish.  Barbara Ann Smith 

The eyes are the key.  Nice work Interested in seeing the completed work.
Kerry Berry

Hi John. Thanks for sharing.
Kim Wyatt

I think your are right about the importance of drawing, with pen and ink, 
she looks great so far.

Looking forward to watching this progress John.

Gorgeous features on your latest project John, can't wait to see more. Best
of luck to you in the exhibition.

Hello John,
I just visited your web site and joined your email list. I'm in total
awe at your very special talent. Thank you for sharing yours with the

Rly excellent
Keep it up
subrat sahoo

Beautiful drawing John

I love your artwork and I am trying very hard to get drawing and art back at 
ARTS High School. The art program at the school is the lowest its ever been. 

I was on the selection committee for the new  principal at ARTS and I hope 
that person will listen to the committee and restore the art program as it was 
years ago and also bring it into the 21st century.

rarely have i seen such beautiful and
sensitive work that combines both black and white
with colored imagery.  Lovely.....
catherine lee neifing

Read your post to the found art group on
Yahoo so ran over to check your latest work in
progress. Must say, YOU RULE DUDE! Yep, the eyes
have it!......hugs, Char
Char Maguire

no big thundering words..just that all
your pictures give me chills and goosebumps in a
good way. They also take me somewhere, in my
kandi wallace

Looking forward to watching this progress John.

It is always interesting to see your WIP's. It is good learning tool 
for many artists.I hope that you had a good time up here in the USA. And I hope that 
your home was out of harms way with those bad hurricanes that  were 
down your in your part of the world. Curacao looks beautiful and I 
hope to visit there someday.

John:  Your drawings are magnificent! 
The eyes on each photo comes to life and pops right out to greet the viewer. Your talent
inspires me.  
Barbara Ann Smith   

just want to say thanks for sharing your work. i love it.
thank you julie

John you are so original...everything you do has it's own unique style, 
and that's why I love it.  I can't wait to see the finished picture! Good job! 

Thanks John and bravo for all of your wonderful pieces on your site.
It is not often we see artists like yourself showing us how your
work is done. I look forward to seeing the finished piece of your
work on wolf woman.


I have seen many of your pieces from your mailings and
check in on your progress at times. The latest spoke to me in a way apart from the others.
I love eyes.... I too have an art site. However,I am not he artist. I am the agent, 
muse, promoter, marketer, etc. It was a pleasure to hear back from you.



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