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Comments "Cobra-man"

wonderful John; that takes lots of patience.
Anxious to see it finished. 

I am anxious to see the finished work.
One question: How exactly do you apply the dots?
Pencil? Ink? You can see some of my amateur
efforts at
Best regards,

I intend to follow this drawing
I love all your others..

I thoroughly enjoyed your site.  The kitty with her litter was my favorite. 
The presentation of your eyes  in the title was both inspiring and haunting. 
I just starting drawing.  Thank you for sharing.

So far "Cobra Man" is off to a good start. I look forward to
seeing the other drawings that make up the final version.

Keep us posted on the progress with Cobraman. I'm sure it'll be as awesome 
as all the others have been.
Julie [Animal Artwork]

Your work is superb!  I'm curious, are your subjects for the "Human/Animal" series from
photos or are they individual whom you know?  Also, is there any reason why the individuals are
indigenious people paired with animals?  I haven't seen any anglo-blondes/redheads with 
animals. As a person of an indigenious background, have you
thought that it might be insulting, since historical "native" people were considered
"savages" by Europeans.  Just some questions and thoughts, as I stated your art work is great. 
Thank you for replying.

John, i think you are a fine drawer. are you self taught? about the imagery, i wonder are
you making the connection that your subjects looklike the animals or vice versa?
how and why did you join the artitude zine as your work being very
good is not similar to anything else on the site? just curious? anyway you are very talented and
seem to have an incredible mastery of your emdium, keep up the good work. 
ps i can also see your deep connection to nature in these drawings. 

Like your work - wow 
thank you for sharing.  
You inspire me - thank you
Di Skowron Khaw

Beautiful work!!!

John - You are amazing!

Your drawings are very well done, and you have very unique ideas! Really
nice work!
I like the sculptures, too. Especially enjoyed "Beyond the Dream" and
"Mystery". Kay

Your Cobra man is coming along nicely John...can't wait to see him finished...
how long does it normally take you to complete a piece like this?

Is there just the one initial picture so far? That's all I could find. I'll 
check back often. I'm always so inspired by your work and touched by your 
willingness to share your step-by-steps. In a world where there is so much
"cut  throat" business, it is refreshing to find artists you derive pleasure from 
the simple act of sharing. As always, thank you so much.
Sherry Foley

Thank  you for letting us into your world. These step by step descriptions have been
very helpful in seeing your methods of creativity.I hope to someday devote my life, 
as you have to the arts.  Thanks again.

The eye level dont seem balanced...was that on purpose?but, ur sketch is fine though.

you are such a great artist!!! i like your style and the way you present your work...
cheers :)


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