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Comments "Snow Sheep woman"

from stevechong/Steve (9.5)   on June 18, 2003 4:22:39 AM EDT (0.0) 
Hi John! When I came in here to ArtSig, your drawing captured  my attention immediately! It 
really blown me away! Send me into my deep thoughts, such a strong impact it made on me.
Has been a while I didn't feel like this. I would like to say thank you very much for making me 
think again. I am inspired!

I also like to draw and paint.These are
great drawings.I like the woman and sheep
best.This goes to show the great detail with

from savialeigh/Rikki (40.8) on June 17, 2003 10:51:10 PM  EDT (0.0)
Interesting. Disorrienting too. Facial features of the man are excellent. I would prefer that his 
head didn't hit the edge of the paper, that seems to offbalance the composition. Also, the ram
horn passing both over his head and behind it is too weird. If it passed comepletely behind, 
it would work.Ram horn also appears to erupt from his nose. Painful! =) Last horn comment, 
it looks like it is growing into the ram's ear (also painful). If I block either side, ram or man, the
remaining side works very well. Just the combination that doesn't quite succeed.

from carollee/Carolee (26.4) on June 17, 2003 8:53:53 PM EDT  (0.0)
Your pen in hand is very nice. You have alot of detail involved here. I like what you are trying 
to say, but i agree with the fact that it is just to abbrut, with the horn. I also  think maybe alittle 
more "life" to his eyes might help soften him...just a speck maybe? Welcome here. I have 
been here a few days....and like it. There are alot of digital & photos....was thinking maybe wrong 
place for me....but I am hooked for now(grin) Keep showing your work.....much  talent!! 

from dana/Dana (22.3) on June 17, 2003 2:56:07 PM EDT (0.0)                   
Excellent merge of color. Would like to have seen spark in the human eye as well. Earring  is 
excellent example of the impact of spark.Compostion slips off page and is uncomfortable seeing 
the deepest dark pull my eye away. More blank breathing space after the dark shade of nape of 
neck (to match the opposite  side) for a vignette look OR ... create reason for the art surrounding 
nose of Ram to run off page: Just slight shading in blank area or mountain brambles. 
Decorative high contrast brambles would work best to counter the extreme cut off at collar bone
area of man. Or soften that edge as you have done for top of man's head for consistency.
Really commend the textured look of the horns. Dana
from guillotine/David (8.2) on June 17, 2003 12:07:12 PM EDT (1.7)
baseltje , your skills are evident immediately, fine draughtmanship, expression, tone, a little 
unsure about the "correlation" here though, besides being next to each other, the only thing 
connecting these two images together is the rams horn going into the mans forehead...... again, 
I think your work is really very good , you obviously have a sense of expression/emotion 
and how to make it come across, also the execution of the mans face and the rams face in 
general, both deftly pulled off it's just that I think if your going for a kind of metaphysical 
morphing or intertwined image of the two that the result would  look better if they weren't just 
joined at the head, so to speak, the merge is just too abrupt.... still your style and work here 
is very good, and I see what you were getting at, also I'm just glad to see that some people
actually still draw and paint, I'm getting really tired of the digital crap people call art these days...
so please keep posting kid.......pax romana 

From toni/Anton (50.5) on June 17, 2003 12:26:31 PM EDT
David regarding your last sentance why do you think I went out finding you and others on 
the net and bring you here? I also got tired of the endless digital .... - to see some  real painting - 
you touched a very hot subject but you have my support
both of you keep posting and enjoy - I enjoy 

from antoine/Marc (48.5) on June 17, 2003 12:06:52 PM EDT (1.0)
John welcome on arsig! your drawing is really splendid, very precis and very detailed, the idea 
is particularly intérssante,the key of color brings an additional dimention, really a very good work, 

from toni/Anton (50.5) on June 17, 2003 11:57:17 AM EDT (1.0)                   
Hello John - welcome to Artsig
That is a most fantastic pencil drawing. The union of man  and goat is symbolic to me of the love
of the animals of the shepherd. His care and love is well expressed
By the way where do you come from, the features of the person remind me very much of 
South Africas descendants of mixed race now living in the Cape 

Excellent piece of art. The only minor ploblem I think you did is not blending the goat 
and the lady together very good , it looks like there stuck together , what you might do 
next time is create more of a dreamy look at the combining point, dont make it look as 
if there join together. This is especially seen where the point of the horn comes out in front 
of the ladys' face. Maybe some more blending needed, 
But overall this is an awsome drawing! . 
It is so nice to drop by and eventually become an active member of your site. 

I would say you got the real talent. 
Like me I owe to my father also some characteristics and traits 
as an artist and perhapts the talent. 
Arnold Pansoy Alderite
Niigata, Japan

wow John, I love your art, it is very unique! What
a talented person you are. Thanks for sharing!
creative hugs, Jeanie in Ohio

John, your artwork speaks for itself.  It is its
own reason to be.  I admire your work greatly.

Hey, John. Very nice work. What did you use to tone the woman's face?

Rob G.

Awesome job! I think this is your best work yet John. Each piece you do you
just keep getting better and better.
Great detail and nice range of values!Really captured character in the woman
s face. She looks like she would have a lot of stories to tell.
Thanks for sharing!
 Carol Moore

the sheep woman is fantastic! I keep looking at it and can't exactely decide
what it is I like about it. I think it's the feeling of wildness and nature in
both the woman and the animal. They are different yet the same. Excellent!


John, your snow sheep woman is just incredible! I love your
work and cant wait to see Ape- man.
Thanks for the step by steps too. Its so inspiring.
I"m wondering if you use real people for your faces or are they
totally out of your minds eye?

Very nice John. I love the surrealness of these sketches. What 
mediums do you mostly use?

John, I've been checking in on your work and wanted to let you know that
I like it very much. I discovered the addictive technique of pointillism
a couple of years ago. I've done a few drawings and am looking forward
to sitting down soon and trying to add some color. Your subjects are
very interesting. Do you choose them for marketability or pure
Nancy Simpson

This art that you create is amazing! How do you find the patience 
and dedication necessary? It must really be your driving passion in 
life! Please keep sharing your incredible work with us. :)
^0^ Charlie Angel

Excellent drawing..........what I did notice, and
I am sure it is a coincidence, is that the mouth on both have the
same configuration/shape.

I wish I had one ounce of your talent John.
Norma Dewbre

Hi went  to your site to see and you did a
magnificent job! Thanks for 
Lovely drawing and a very interesting style.
I like the way you integrated the woman's face and
the sheep's head and the
drawing details. Congratulations!
Walter Durling

Wow! You are a real talent,man!!!!
Very beautiful, John.

Your drawing is absolutely beautiful! It's so
wonderfully rich! I was wondering, do you ever run
into trouble (as far as bringing the drawing
together), finishing one part before starting on
the other? I was always told to start the whole
drawing and work on the whole thing to keep it
from looking fragmented.
Hello John. 
I so enjoyed, along with so many others, your web site. 
You have contributed much to all of us who are learning. Thank you.
Your pen and ink of "Snowsheep Woman" is incredible!...
You've captured a strength and wisdom and gentleness so real.                      
Thank you for sharing your work with our group.
Judie Burge in California
I perused your site, and I must say that I love
the pieces you've done with the People/animals.. Really groovy                      
stuff.. :-)
Heather Abounader

well, that's certainly interesting work, I must say 
Lovely drawing. It's great to see your work
develop and grow. I'm looking forward to seeing your new project!                      
Hello John,
I have followed your work on this series of
paintings and I feel this is another exceptional piece and very
inspirational. Enjoy your process.
Sincerely, Deanna Bordelon
Amazing and magical, as always. The woman is so life-like,                      
I can almost hear her talking to the sheep, with a little laugh in her voice!
Rachelle Rose

That is beautiful work John! :o) Thanks forsharing it with us!
Toni :o)

Hi John:
Your "Snow Sheep Woman" is really fabulous! 
You've done it again.. 
amazing art. The way you presented the step-by-step pictures is a 
fantastic idea. I was practically breathless by the time I reached 
the last picture. Just loved seeing the progression.
Thank you so much for sharing your work again,
Mary Ann

John, This latest piece the woman/snowsheep is
very gripping for me. I believe her eyes have
drawn me in. The horns on the sheep are a very
strong symbol of the strength I see in the woman. 
What a wonderful union.
I look forward to seeing the ape/man drawing.

Wow John! Yet another stunning piece of work...the
detail in the woman's
head dress is amazing! I look forward to seeing
the next one.

This is fantastic, John. I like the way the side
of her face pops out from 
the shadows. What tpe of pen did you use? Was it
the rapidograph? What size? 
John, what wonderful work! The detail is
Regards, Margaret

John ~ Your work is totally awesome!  and I LOVE
the way you show the steps you take to arrive at your finished composition. 
I'm going to send my middle school art students to your site in the fall to
see "how it's done" by a professional!
Blessings & Joy, Doree
Just gorgeous John! Thanks for the in progress
Gina :)

Your work is always of the highest caliber. I look forward to your 
 next project "Ape-man". Keep us informed.

Oh, John! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
You must have such a sense of accomplishment after
completing a work like that!
I really enjoyed seeing it's progression from
start to finish.
Thank you!

Looks fantastic John, you are very talented

It is stunning.  
Thanks so much for sharing.

WOW that's awesome work! 

It's realy great!!!!!
Nice work I like it!
Hugs Margot

Hello, dear John, thanks a lot for
posting your artistic issues on ACCA board I run on! 
You,indeed, have had a great talent on painting! 
Very delicate website and artcrafts.

I do like the direction it is going, I really like how it is not playing 
on sentimentality. 
That is the one area of art that really gets under my skin. 
This piece so far stays away from that. 
Even in your initial sketch, the woman has spirit. Have fun...

I am blown by your imaginations!! 
I looked at your other WIPs too, they all look very
good.... Gayathri

It is always nice when you stop in at American Artist Club. I like 
to look at your WIP. It gives us insight as to how a piece of art 
begins and then as to how it is finished. 
If anyone has not been to John Baselmans website you will  be in for a 
treat when you get there. It is a nice big art site. Check out You won't be disappointed.
Thanks John for telling us of your latest art endeavor. 

Dear John:
Last night (actually early this morning) I took a look at your pictures and was very 
impressed. Obviously, your drawing something a little different than the usual pics of 
Spider-Woman/She-Hulk/Wonder Woman or the rest of their spandex friends and 
villains that we see her. But you do a very good job of drawing realistic portraits, and 
I like the way that you incorporate the animal motifs into each one of your pictures. I 
won't be bidding on these pics, but I wish you luck if you are planning on selling 
Thanks for sharing your artwork with us!
Best wishes,

I love your art too, man!

Hello again John,
Glad to see another "Work in Progress" from you. I always find them 
interesting and entertaining. I'll be sure to follow this one too.


The face already is full of character and drama. I cannot wait to see it

These are great John. I especially liked the eyes on Snow sheep 
woman. It shows both strength, age and wisdom in her eyes.

Hi John,
I always start paintings with the eyes, which lead
to a freakish incident when painting a gibbon a
few weeks ago. I painted the eyes and went to
bed. At 3 a.m. there was as horrific boom noise
coming from the room where the painting was. 
Being brave went and investigated. Pushed the
door, but it wouldn't open got scared and peeped
round the door, and there was these eyes just
staring back. My easel had just toppled for no
apparent reason, flinging the gibbon across the
bye for now,

Thank your for sharing your wonderful site. It
made me feel good to go through it, and I loved
how you demonstrated the steps you take to make
your pieces. It was helpful and inspirational to
a student like myself.
Try as I might, I could not figure out how to see
the Snow Sheep Boy drawing. But, I enjoyned going
 through the rest of your work. 
Question: When working with the Caran d'Ache, how
do you sharpen them, and how often? Thanks,

Hi, I just have  been visiting your website....
Fantastic doe not even come close to describing your artwork.....
I was a student of Dave Brefka and he  turned me on to the art site on Yahoo.....
Best of luck to you and remember you have all the talent you need.......,....,...WOW! 

Thanks for sharing these with the list.

John, your work is most interesting. I live in Africa, and love the melding 
of humans and animals which is a theme which runs thru a lot  of our indigenous work.
where do your inspirations come from?
One problem we have out here is that download time is hideously slow and hideously 
expensive which precludes a lot of lingering on line so I  dont get to see all your work.
roseanne dix

Hello John,
Wonderful!!!!!!!!I know that sitting still when the creative  juices are flowing is 
Bravo on every one I saw I was impressed.
April Dawn

Hi John,Wonderful to hear from you, and your "Human and Animals"  is fun to watch as 
each one progresses. I truly enjoy your step-by-step progress photos, as it is 
wonderful to see your creation literally come to life!
Please keep us posted. :) 
Have a great day and weekend!

Hi, John!!
It's such a delight to follow along with you and your progress!  
Your sharing of your awesome gift is much appreciated!!
 I would have to say the Elephant Woman is my favorite.  
You make those colored pencils and ink really "talk"!  
Can't wait to see more of your Snowsheep Woman.
 You have a great and enjoyable weekend too!  
Good to hear from you - have missed your posts!!

Looking good John! 
I noticed you are working on Schoellershammer R2 / 200 grams
cold pressed paper. How do you like working on that paper 
and how does it take to lots of layering of colors?

Great idea John - thanks for sharing this WIP.

Hi John,
Thanks for the link. I've admired your work for some time now, 
in my painter's group. I'll be watching this with great interest.                      
I've been lacking motivation, myself, but looking at your                      
new work in progress, I think I feel some beginning to bubble  up!

John-You know I think your drawing skills are fantastic 
But I think your ideas impress me just as much as your physical  talents, 
Where do you come up with these ideas? Good work. 


Nice work so far John! I think the eyes are always a good place to start, 
no matter if it is human or animal because that is where the image is the 
most real. 
I can't wait to see it when it's done.

Great work. 
Art Gallery:

name: Robert W. Reynolds
drawing: Snowsheep Woman
comment: I just stumbled across your web-site while looking for art instruction sites and 
really enjoyed your "in Progress" drawings and the subject matter that you find .
I'm 68 and just getting back into drawing after many, many years.I'm afraid that I find that 
I probably make a mistake in my drawing by feeling an urgency to complete my drawings,
rather than to take my time in completeing them over a perion of time, as you do. 
If I could learn to manage my time a little better as you do , I probably would do better.
I think your talent and ability is outstanding and I commend you for your patience in your work. 
Very nice. Contact me if you wish. I live in Tennessee, USA
note: I too, have only given my art work away in hopes that it is enjoyed by others while 
we're on this earth. I honestly must admit, I could use the money but that isn't what art
is all about, in my opinion.
suggestion: The only suggestion I have is Keep up the good work. I'm no authority, 
or professional artist, but I know what I like in vision.
tip: Far be it for me to give any tips on your work. Just enjoy your efforts and talents.



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