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Comments "Snake boy"

Great work its good to see someone devote them selves tottally to the love of ART

Love the nature and Native American stuff - keep it up.

We're always thrilled to see your work, and this
piece is no exception..........It will be exciting to see it
all come together.-Mal

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work. 
You are very talented indeed.
I have added this story to my other two clubs..Creativeartists2 and Teaching Art..
If you wish to join those clubs I would be honoured to have you add information for members.
Thanks for being a member of Artmates..
Maggi CarstairsHello John....
Glad to see that you are drawing again and sharing it with all
of us on the list.  
It was very helpful to list your materials too....I am
sure that your demonstration will be inspiring to everyone.Have a Great Day!

Very nice, buddy!
Love the eyes, very expressive!

Hi John,
I am a true fan. The contrast theme you have
chosen (color/b&w) for this
project adds a nice spice to the already great
works. I can only imagine
where the snake might go.

Do you plan on selling these creations?
If so, where is the info on your site?
Patiently awaiting the next update

I reviewed your work John I am very impressed. 
I particularly like the iguana man being I am also part native american.
You have a great talent I like how you combine the medias. Bravo!!!!!!
April Dawn

Hello dear John!
I really liked your work with color pencils and pastels...
I am trying to follow the same tecnique but using mandallas and environmental themes...
What do you think about?
Conitnue your excellent job...
Best regards.

Very nice work John! I have been meaning to compliment you on your drawings 
for some time now. they are very unique and i enjoy them very much
 - Chris

Very good John!! Toby

IMAGE TITLE: Snake boy
POSTED BY: michelle meijs (
COMMENT: Your work is extraordinarily brilliant.. 
thank you for having my name listed on your site "Through the eyes of John Baselman"..
[I'm also a member of extocuracao and just recently had me artworks at the Mon Art Gallery, 
Riffort Village. 
-Michelle Meijs


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