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Fri, 22 Dec 
2006 04:54:43
Ik ben weer erg benieuwd! Volg het met grote interresse. Ik wens jou en iedereen op dat
mooie Curacou een mooie kerst en een gelukkig en gezond 2007!!! 
Hans Koudenburg

Monday, January 15,
2007 at 12:26:11
comment: John, I love the way you use the mix medium over your Pen & Ink work.  
What a wonderful creation you are making.
note: Thank you for sharing your work in stages with us.

From Drawing together group

WOW John, your eyes are absolutely mesmorizing in these pieces.  
Suzanne  Reh-Faraca

Great job John, once more youíve shown us some great work.

John, it's always a pleasure to watch how you work. 
You havesuch a wonderful imagination.

Wowwwww, John!! You are a master at what you do. 
Thanks for showing all the WIPS.

John what a wonderful drawing you have created here.  
Love the tones and the color choices you have made. 
Keep On Creating!

John, this is wonderful work. The details and facial expressions are fantastic.
I canít imagine trying something as elaborate as this. 
Thanks for sharing.

Finally took the opportunity to check out your Differences piece.
Not at all what I had expected! Though never do know what  you are going to
come up with! :o )
The ink and colour combination was an interesting view.
Thank you for sharing, now you'll have all of us wanting to give it a try!

John, I just had the opportunity to visit you site at look at "Differences" .
Truly a beautiful and unique piece of artwork. 
The soft colors are gorgeous and the eyes of the children are so expressive. 
Your creativity is always a joy to view. Thank you so much
for taking the time to do all those WIPs.
It's great to see the piece come to life.

John, great job!! You make drawing look so easy.

Yes John...wonderful. .and you work so well. 
Thanks for showing your to watch others work.

Wow, what a powerful drawing.
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

Sunday, January 21, 2007,  23:25:39 
drawing: children's faces
comment: Absolutely delightful! How I envy your gift for drawing.

comment: John you are doing such a wonderful job. 
My tip to you = just keep following you heart.

thank you...beautiful!
Roberta Sage-McMillin 

Just looked at your drawings, they are awesome.
Pat MacMicken



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