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"Lion King"

NAME: corry Stuart
MESSAGE: Hi John I did not know your were on the Animal artwork list :)))))  How is Curacao
doing? I like your WIP of the lion ladies quite inventive are we allowed to copy that?

Hey John :)
Looking great! Good to see you around the group and your art again.

Good start John.

Oh, I love this one already, John. It will be stunning when finished.

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: It amazes me to watch you work...fantastic.

Wonderful, John. I really like your bold colours and how the faces complement the lion's!

I left comment on your website; but will again here.
Your art is fabulous...beautifu lly done.

You certainly did get a lot accomplished!
Thanks for sharing, will like to see it as it progresses.

Awesome work John. I love the _expression on the two human faces as the connect 
with the lion centered. Keep On Creating!

John, I just looked at your blog and the WIPs of lion king and I think this
is fantastic.

OMG, I am pulling up a chair right in the front row for this one.  Talk about powerful, 
oh my, this is just mesmorizing!
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

John, I really enjoy watching this progress and your description of what you’ve done to it. 
The details for the eyes and the hair are wonderful.

Stunning John, absolutely stunning !   I think I have a new favorite of your work.
Keep On Creating!

John, this is going to be stunning. Such beautiful work you do. I just love watching 
this piece come to life.

Wow John, this is really coming along nicely!
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

Especially like the effects you are achieving with the lions 
ears and eyes.

John, you are doing a fantastic job with the CP's. I love the vibrant, soft furry fur/ears. 
However, I don't like this image, as it's just plain scary to me, having human faces 
coming out of an animal. :) That's just me, so please don't take offense. 

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: John this is truly awesome. Great work.

NAME: Therry L.Mirasol
MESSAGE: Nice art - ur so creative.... keep it up.

NAME: Hans Koudenburg
MESSAGE: A real work of art!!!!! I love the way you teach everyone! I placed the whole 
thing in afile for further reference,  And I make a print to put in a frame!! Thanks again. 
Have a nice day 

NAME: jill
MESSAGE: what was your motivation for this piece?i mean, why the images of the women's 
faces mergedwith the lion? the details are beautiful and the finished product is gorgeous. i 
had to admit, that i was surprised at the final outcome as i watched the picture progress. 
amazing connections.

NAME: Ariel Azarel
MESSAGE: This is a gorgeous piece!  Beautiful, thoughtful work.

NAME: marvin
MESSAGE: excellent work, my son is 12 years old
and he said when he look at your picture, the lion looks like he is looking in your soul!
My interpretation of what this peice of art work expresses is this: This lion is one with the 
person that is viewing! He is able to see and here what you are thinking,
he is a people animal and loves the Mankind animal cultivation.  His bond is with Man and
indeed he is a Lion of Vision! Miraculous picture great work!

NAME: Sepp Koster
MESSAGE: Hello John,
I enjoyed looking at your website as I am specifically looking for someone who can help me
with lessons in drawing of industrial objects (I like industrial design)I haven't been drawing for
at least 10 years an I would like to pick it up again. PLease let me know if you van help or if
you prefer to suggest someone else on the island. Best regards,
Sepp Koster

 this is looking fantastic. I love the expression on both the human and the cat faces. 


John, this is an absolutely stunning piece of work. The background seems to make it 
even more powerful.

NAME: Virginia 
MESSAGE: Hello John, I think your artwork is fantastic. Your step-by-step was both 
helpful and validating. Your shadings and use of media make this a
stunning piece.  Very nice!  Best, Ginny, Art Student at WPU

NAME: Vincent D. Whitehead
MESSAGE: John, This is such a wonderful and powerful piece.  I love it.  I will be coming back
often to view it.   Vincent

John, it is absolutely beautiful. The sky and the foliage in the foreground really bring the entire 
piece together. It was wonderful seeing this as a WIP.

Wonderful! Another masterpiece!

Hi John, beautiful and so creative. I love seeing the WIP, thanks for sharing. 
The eyes are most catching.
Cindy M

Enjoying your wip indeed John.
I love the eyes and how you have the 2 people faded into the lion. Wonderful 
detail and colors.

hello sir,
actually i want to know the details of portraits i.e. how i can give good facial expressions 
to the portrait and please tell me what are the things used to draw portraits... ........

the finished piece is breathtaking. I think the lion's haunting eyes will stay with me all day.

This lion is really the king of all animals!
Love from  Belgium, Denise

Oh John, this is absolutely spectacular and with the background it makes it even better.  
I love the feel of this one.
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

John, I find it interesting that you didn't have the background of this piece thought out before 
you started it. Do you do this often, compose the drawing as you go along ?

NAME: Marilyn
MESSAGE: This is a positively magnificent piece. So much work -- I can't help wondering 
how long it took you to complete.


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