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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No5 2004

I love this image. Keep doing this type of image; folksy, period, urban, great to look
back on and remember when for buyers. Beautiful work. 
But stay away from closeup portraits. The portrait . . . just don't do many more. 
Keep doing the scenes. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Do you have difficulties mixing the medias? 
I don't have much success with pastels and other mediums.

Awesome John!!!! 
I love how your works always tell a story.

Beautiful job John. 
I like how these two are just sitting on the stoop as if in thought of what they might do for the day.

Hi John,
I looked at each and every stage of this new picture - and I love
it! I thought it was going to be a sleepy little scene, with the
man on the left almost snoozing on his hand. Then in the final
picture, he had eyes - big starey ones which I find a tiny  bit
distracting. It's a great picture though all the same, and  I'm
already looking forward to the next WIP!

I really appreciate your sharing the process with us.
 This is a very interesting piece.


As a member of Featherpainting, I have been introduced to your work, and am fascinated by
it.  It is detailed, and the thought and work and patience you put into each piece is a delight to
see.  Your art background is also a wonderful insight to your work.  We are blessed to have an
artist like you, John.
Vonnie Kauffman

John, I love seeing you work in progress, especially when the color starts coming in bit by bit. 
Can't wait to see the finished work.

Wow John it looks great..Too bad I can't come down and see it in real life..

Oh, this will be beautiful--I love the fence!

John, you truly are the inspiration! How
much I enjoy your art.  God bless you. 

John I love that you do these It lets everyone see how you get the
end results.. Especially good for beginners like me.

dear john,
this one generated a feeling of a lazy afternoon
in the outskirts..i liked it very much..

Thank goodness, John! I find that I've become addicted to watching your Work In Progress! 
I'm still looking forward to seeing your new sculptures also.

Oh, John, that is going to be so neat.

John, I can't wait to see this done. Toby

Lovely composition John, have you thought of a title yet?
Looking forward to watching it develop!

I am really enjoying your series. These are all wonderful and so full of everyday life!
This one is going to be great!


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