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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No4 2004

Full of life, great details and wonderful colors that surely echo your island home; very lovely work.

This is wonderful ! I love the style of this image, its really lifelike and yet somehow soft. 
The sense of true light is GREAT, I can feel the sunshine. I've never been to Curacao 
but I've had the drink and after seeing this it seems like a lovely place to be ! 
The colors are amazing, really bright and I like the expressions on everyones faces, 
some busy at work others waiting. The poses of the bodies are great too! 
The arms raised up resting on the boat, and the peoples shadows! Really really excellent!!

Hi john , exellent painting, i admire your making atmospher in this paint, 
the shadows helps to your sunny day atmospher in this crop, 
composition is good and full of attractive colors, the pose are so natural and have a joy feel. 
bravo. harmonic crop/ see my photos if you like photography John!

Excellent painting depicting every day life. I like your use of color and shading . 
Is this watercolor ? 
I'm a little confused with the direction of light source ? I look forward to seeing more of your work.

love your new drawing. It puts me in mind of one of my all time
favourite artists 'Serge Hollerbach' who is very old now, and
unfortunately, doesn't have a website! He exhibits his art all over
the states I think, so you could find a picture on the internet for
reference. I adore how he uses light and shade to capture a mood,
without using too many details to clutter up his pictures. You have
also managed that very well in your latest drawing. Was it all
achieved with Just coloured pencil? I'm very impressed and will
look forward to your next WIP.

How beautiful!!

Excellent drawing.  I love the feeling you have portrayed in it.  Love those colors too!

I love your two most recent drawings. It's helpful to see your works in
progress. I also work in color pencil but have avoided water color pencil
because I've found the vibrancy of the color difficult to control. Do you dip
lead in water, or allow to pool in water then brush on. I'd love to know your
process; your colors are lovely.

Another wonderful drawing, John. You've done it! I can even smell the fish! ;-)

excellent piece! i like the variety of texture as well as time of day
lighting. p


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