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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No3 2004

h r u?
i m khuram from lahore pakistan asia i visited this drawing site
its very good and impressive keep it on


John ,what a pleasure it is to watch you create such a wonderful piece of artwork , 
it is an inspiration to all artists, keep up the great work.
Nigel Fuller

 Hey John can you post some  of your last works? 
I watch them in your page and looks really good !  
.....congratulations for that ! and thanks for  your response for the page ...
ok let me know after how the exibt works ok? see you

This is just fantastic. I am very much a
novice at drawing and this site is so great. I now
can see how to do a picture bit by bit to get a
finished picture. Thank you so much for your
advice and inspiration. Keep it up please. Thank

Beautiful paintings!  You are a true artist.

John, you always thrill me with your
wonderful art. I enjoy everything you do. I am so
glad that you are so willing to share your talent
with all of us... Hugs, Virginia 


I love your drawings and am an aspiring colored pencil artists. 
I could only dream of being able to create works as wonderful as yours.

Beautiful piece. Love your use of color. How I love the intimacy of island
cottages. You have also a beautiful sense of depth. Feel like I could walk
through your picture. Best wishes.

Dear John, it's really great of you showing the progress of your work. 
It's amazing,the WIP.
I hope to see a lot more of your work. L-sa

John, so glad you are drawing again. I look at your basic drawings, and
can't visualize them finished. And finished they are just gorgeous. I
had to go back and look at them all. Thanks for sharing your talent
with us.

Hi John!
I'm so happy to see you are working again. I'm looking forward  to watching the progress of 
this drawing. 
I just re-visited Drawing #2 
I had forgotten about it and was amazed that you had finished it so quickly. 
What a wonderful piece it is! 
Congratulations to you!

Hi John,
Another masterpiece!!!! I love it already. Can't wait to see  more of this piece. 
Ricky 8-)

That's great, John. Aren't we lucky to have art as an outlet in our lives?

Yes Barbara!
Every time if I sit behind my table or standing behind my sculpture I
think that this is a beautifull way of living.
We are able to place our heart and soul on paper or other medium.
We don't need power, monney or to scream for attention of others.
We have it all in our self!

What a wonderful way to say it... you have a wonderful way  with
words. I agree with every word..
Hugs, Virginia

This looks great John and coming together beautifully.
It is great to see that you are doing artwork again.

I love this scene, John. I can't wait to see your progress.
:) Toby



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