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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No2 2004

John, really-really fantastic works and website as well.
I want to be like you!.
How much time do you spent for drawing every day?

Beautifully done, John! I'm so happy that
you're finally able to work again. 
Hugs, BC

Best regards

That's real nice John.
great job!
Just the way it is here.

John, we are so happy to have back in the creative circle.  
Your work is wonderful.  
We will be watching this new drawing come to life "through your
Keep On Creating!

Hi. You are on my yahoo friend list ,have spoken once or twise.
Good to se you are still,produceing great work,at such a sad time for you .
Your doing well.All my very best ,

Hi John 
this is wonderful.  Glad to see you back.  
Ricky 8-)

You've always been such a whirlwind full of inspiration and energy, it's good
to see you getting back to your old self. 
Looking forward to seeing this drawing develop.

John, your work is so terrific. Glad your inspiraiton is coming back again.
Take care.

This is GREAT news, John! I went to your drawing and it's looking fantastic already. 
I'm happy to be able to see your work in progress again.

Good to hear from you! 
Can't wait to see your new work!

I just wanted to let you know that I recently visited your site,
and the work you do is just beautiful. 
You are truly a talented person. I really enjoyed seeing your work, very enjoyable. 
Sincerely Claudette Boucher

I surfed in to your wonderful your artistry is!  
I very much appreciate it and thank you for your site.
I am an animal lover...we have adopted 5 cats and one dog (German Shepherd).  
All needed good homes and are well provided for. 
I absolutely LOVED the note you put on your site about animal shelters, et al.
Tell me please... do  you ever do request artistry?  
I could never afford a true canvas...but a print would be wonderful.... a German Shepherd 
like the picture of our precious Rudy that I have attached.
Thank you for your time...talent... and your website!
Donna Lamson
Wisconsin, USA

Thank You so Much for The Tour of your beautiful art work 
I cannot believe your art work its beautiful I was so moved about your background and what 
you offer as an artist. 
It is so nice of you to extend yourself to help artists with pictures of loved ones I love animals I 
have a great love for them in my heart. And it is very moving to see the artwork you did of 
them there eyes tell the story of there innocence and inner beauty. 
Thank You for your tour 
Marie Accomando


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