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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No1 2004

Hi John,
I love your new series. Wonderful colors and the subjects are very
appealing too!
Best Wishes..

I really do love your work, such an
inspiration to me and a joy to look at.

this sounds like it will be interesting. Cannot wait.

Great idea john. I look forward to seeing the finished pieces.

John, it looks great so far. Did you use any graphite yet or is it just ink & pastel? 

Look forward to seeing more of your work! 

Looks to be a pretty ambitious project--
This time of year, the frost on the ground and the chill in the air fill
me with energy and goodwill. They also fill me with thankfulness that I
don't have any nipple jewelry.

You do great work. I will enjoy seeing the finishing touches.

This is excellent. I am looking forward to seeing more of Curacao.
Will you be drawing things that we could only ever see in  Curacao? 
I don't know what that means but I likethe idea of glass containers and telephone lines.
Here's something that seems very New York to me, But maybe  they have
them inVenezuela too

Lovely work John. Ilania

Hi John:
I like your project. It should be very interesting.
I also like the kids corner that you have set up on the website. Anna will
submit a drawing for it! THanks, Kristina

Great idea john. I look forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Very nice! I do a lot of soft pastel and want to get into more drawing. 
When I have competition shows at our gallery, I
never know whether to put soft pastel in drawing category or painting category. 
Some say one and
some say another. What is your opinion. 

I like your work. I especially like the way you show the pencil
drawing on your site then show what it looks like when you
begin to add color to the same drawing -- effective and
visually appealing.
Denise Turney

I agree Denise,
I always enjoy watching the progress of John's work and am always excited to
see what he'll come up with next.
Keep it up always John,
Kert Kley

Thank you - this is so informative! It self-taught artist.
John, you are an incredible artist and
draughtsman. Thank you for having the generosity
to share your techniques and creative proces with
us all.
As always...I love your work. I hope you
are also well...Take care.

John, it's looking great. I always love the progress shots. 
I can't wait to see when this one is finished. 

 John..Your work is amazing..& helps me see how to put a picture together! 
Thank You! Marci in Arizona   :o)

You are an inspiration John, I love your works and spirit of sharing.

Nice project and step by step approach

Your WIP 6 looks great as usual.  I like watchinga work of art come
alive.  You do it so well.  
Today I finally got around to joining you Yahoogroup Matrixart and itis a good art
group.  Sorry for taking so long to join but Ikept forgetting.  

I looked at your sculptures in your album and they are outstanding.

Thanks for telling us about your latest art project. I look forward
to the next step in WIP 6.

Can't wait to see it done John.It's looking really lovely.

Hi John,
Wow! Looking great. I like your theme . Can't wait to see it finished.

wow john, you're really stepping away from the animal illustrations                      
these days. could this be the end of your animal works?
hmmm... p

Your work is inspirational!  Thank you
for sharing.

Collage and Pastel too? Good to see imagery from our part of the world. 
I am on the island of Trinidad 700 miles east of you. I would
warm to a more freer interpretation of the subject matter.
Audley Sue Wing

Very good work. I love everything you do.
Some marine paintings, and winterscape, for me who live on a lake,
and in the winter actually, in Quebec, Canada.
Thank you very much, and God bless you.

 I am totally overwhelmed by your talent! So nice of you to give a step by step
album of how you create your wonderful pictures. 
Keep up the great work!

I like what you did with the coloured pencils to enhance the details and draw me into the picture. 
For me, the people seem to distract from the picture more. 
There's not much detailing on the people as the buildings and there's no
colour balance. That is, and I'm not trying to bring you down because I do like this piece, but
the people are so dark and the bush in the top right is so light. My eye is drawn to the people 
and the trees(bushes?) right above them by the windows. My eye doesn't want to travel and 
look at the rest of the area which is a pretty good chunk.
I love the first line drawing with the people. That looks really nice. The third picture down I
actually like the most out of them all. One part finished and the people looking like ghosts. 
Like they're walking out of reality. It looks neat because it also makes me wonder what 
stole your attention away from finishing it. I haven't looked anywhere else yet 
(I got the link from the yahoo Group you posted in), but have you thought of doing so.

John, you have just painted as the way it is here.
Terrific !!!!!!!!!

Really nice work...pleasing compositionas the diagoal line of the street brings the
viewer into the piece..and the position of the red roof in relation to the green clothes on one of
the figures is very effective...soft pastel sticks?..are you using pastel pencils as well?..
makes me want to do landscapes with figures... (I do mostly portrait and figure)  look forward to 
seeing more of your work... my web page is



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