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Photo Curacao 61
"st.Michiels bay" a beautiful diving
and fishersplace.
A beautifull plant that local 
people eat.
Photo Curacao 62
Photo Curacao 63
"Boca Tabla" from the inside on 
the north side of our island near 
"Banda Abou"
Our former Juwish church 
"the Tempel" in "Punda"
Photo Curacao 64
Photo Curacao 65
"Scherpenheuvel" the biggest building
in Curacao which was build for our 
"Fraters van Tilburg"
A typical landscape of our island.
Photo Curacao66
Photo Curacao 67
A wild landscape on the north side 
with different cacti.
A view of "Punda and Otrabanda" 
with our biggest "Juliana" bridge
Photo Curacao 68
Photo Curacao 69
A view of "Otrabanda" 
from the side of "Punda"
An alley in "Otrabanda" 
called the"Winkelsteeg".
Photo Curacao 70
Photo Curacao 71
Our biggest natural beach on 
Curacao at "Westpoint" 
called "Knip beach"
Salt plate where many years ago 
salt was token from the sea.
A place where now flamingo's 
from Bonaire come to eat 
called "Willibrord"
Photo Curacao 72
Photo Curacao 73
A view from our "Tafel berg" 
a hill near "Spanisch water"
A beautiful flower from our 
"Flamboyant tree"
Photo Curacao 74
Photo Curacao 75
Sailing Curacao one of 
our many watersports.
"Baca tabla" the cave
 side on Westpoint.
Photo Curacao 76
Photo Curacao 78

A picture taken after an quite some rainfall , near "Zuurzak"
A beach with a old tree 
on "Sint Joris bay"
Photo Curacao 79
Photo Curacao 80
"Kranshi" a beautiful landhouse 
in "Punda" and also our former 
Cornet a neighborhood in "Punda " 
where this alley is located.
Photo Curacao 81
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